Monday, December 29, 2008

A quick thing, because as soon as I share it with you, it will leave my brain

One of the most memorable moments from the NYC mini-vacation was this:

An elderly, chubby, shaven-headed, multiple-layer-wearing, grocery-cart-wielding, other-people-oblivious, muttering-under-her-breath, smelling-slightly-of-bad-fish Chinese woman who decided that YANKING DOWN HER PANTS to scratch her bare ass on a crowded subway car was exactly the right thing to do.

Once finished scratching, she neglected to hoist the pants back up. Oh yes, there was indeed naked crazy old Asian woman ass ON DISPLAY.

That fishy smell mentioned previously? The source became a touch too obvious once the airing of her netherbits commenced. (here's where you go 'ew!')

Thankfully, our stop was next. A herd of young Latinos came up the stairs with us; one guy cracked me up when he spoke-shouted "OK, who ELSE didn't need to get off at this stop?" Dude, I KNOW.

Thanks, New York City. Thanks a whole bunch.

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