Monday, December 08, 2008

If 'tis not all swoopy, you're doing it wrong!

That right there might have maybe resembled me a little over the weekend. Who knew I was such a control freak? (rhetorical question, y'all)

This whole notion of 'letting go of expectations' and 'establishing new traditions' and 'white garland on the tree' is a bit unnerving. Funny how little tiny things can serve as a reminder that this life is not all about ME.

At least the garland, white as it is, swoops. At least there's that.


Hey y'all! The Shrinking Piggies have undergone a renovation in anticipation of a new year's worth of weight loss. Go check it out, and join up if you're so inclined. Everyone who wants to join will be able to post to the site (a new feature! Empowerment!), and we'll have cool Google docs that participant will be able to use to keep track of his/her progress.

The Shrinking Piggies won't ask you how much you currently weigh, because for some of us that's as closely held a secret as the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, and perhaps a painful reality to admit to, even in the most private of times (or maybe that's just me?). We WILL ask you to track how much you've lost, and what you're doing for exercise, because a healthy weight loss plan always includes some physical momentum. Opportunity for DOUBLE shaming! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that??

Along those lines, it's apparent to me that my personal physical momentum has been somewhat glacial lately. The slightly sore butt muscles I'm currently sporting are the results of a 2-mile walk I took yesterday.

2 miles. That's sad. I'm hoping that by February I'll be able to look back on that and laugh.

Anyhow, the Shrinking Piggies. Not necessarily just for those of us who want to lose weight, it's for everyone who would like to be held accountable for a change in lifestyle toward the ideal to which our government and an entire phalanx of medical professionals would have us aspire, not to mention the whole 'your body is a temple' thing that I think God might have something to do with.

It was God, wasn't it?


Have a grand day. I'm off to find someone who has the power to turn up the heat in this building. It's not right that my boogers should be freezing in my nose when I'm INSIDE.

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