Thursday, December 11, 2008

A couple new features, a question, and then a salutation


Hey - lookit the cool stuff on my sidebar over there! Clickety-popping pictures that take you to new websites (sign up now, limited time offers on both)! Thanks to Biff, who is far more perseverant that I would ever be at figuring out how to make stuff like this work. Because really? The figuring out would be maddening for this ol' girl, especially since my template is HTML and not widget/gadget enabled. Oh yeah, I'm rockin' it old school.


It could also be true that I might be afraid of changing to the new Bloggety templates that DO allow you to widgetize, because what if my ability to chance things is lost? I LIKE messing around with HTML in my kindergarteny fashion! Pretty colors! New (gasp) BORDER SIZES! OoooOOOOO!

And, really, how many whizz-bangs does one small corner of the intertubez really NEED (though it would be cool if the archives would roll up and if I would one day put Mojo's suggestions on how to permalink things into action (see the aforementioned 'old girl' thing for a possible explanation of why this has not yet been put into action. (Also? LAZY!))).

Nested parens-a-thon OVER.


Why would my left pinkie and ring finger suddenly commence to tingling? It's making my already ham-handed typing attempts even MORE porky, and I'm not a fan. Of course, if it keeps up, I could amaze my friends and neighbors by playing 'extreme mumblety peg' in which I do not CARE if I get all stabbity on those digits, because I cannot FEEL them right now.

I am maybe looking for ways to be more fun at parties.

All y'all out there who are about to suggest me going to a chiropractor - I know. However, I'm not looking for solutions here, I'm looking for reasons, no matter how far-fetched, about why on earth I'm losing sensation (AGAIN!) in half my dominant hand.

Help yourselves to irrationalisms in the comments.


That is all I have time for today (OK, that's kind of a lie, because truly? I could spend all day here just going on and on about things both large and small (what's up with the headstone desecrating in France, for example?)) but I feel compelled to begin prework for a 1 p.m. meeting that will surely find me with a new orifice ripped, which requires I go purchase some steel underwear over the lunch break and start toughening my skin ASAP.

Have a wonderful day, my internetly friends. Goodbye!

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