Friday, December 05, 2008

Cat-baiting and orreries

Heh - the cat is currently going ape-shizz (or 'kitty-shizz'? Don't know) over a combo corrugated cardboard scratcher n' spinny ball toy we got her a cupla weeks ago. She's all OVER that thing, going at it like the fate of the world depends on it. The ball goes around this track, and by GOD she's determined to circumnavigate that sucker, over and over and over.

Bonus? The ball flashes as it rolls, so the dog likes it too.

This is the ONLY toy that that cat likes, aside from chasing a string or similar snaky object. The string-chasing requires human intervention, so most of the time it's her and the scratcher-ball thing if she's wanting any play time.

The dog, of course, has it worse, because ALL her play time requires human intervention. Except, of course, if the cat is playing....and then the dog is far more likely to scare her off of it wanting to GET TO THE SHINY THING!!! It's SHINY! It emits LIIIIIIGHT! GET IT!!

What I wouldn't give to have one of those kinder-spy cameras the folks with babies have nowadays. Watching the cat and dog standoff over the shiny ball of powah would be hysterical.

Oddly, the cat does NOT play with the laser beam shooter ma-thingie that doubles as a flashlight. No interest, thankyewverymuch. The dog? Totally LOVES that thang. If one of us dares pull it out to use like...a flashlight, she's whining and jumping and spinning circles until her nose is up her own ass in excitement. It's thlittle red light she wants, you see. A tiny pinpoint of red light that sends her into absolute spasms of joy. She'll drop her squeaky bone (second best toy) in favor of the SHINY LIGHT, every time.

This is also the dog that gets bent out of shape if reflections from a sink full of dirty dishes happen to be on the walls or ceiling. She maybe has a fixation. Heaven help you if the WATER actually reflects, because the motion makes her completely mental. The whining ramps up a few notches and soon an eviction to the backyard is necessary (as is the washing of the aforementioned dishes), because if there's anything more annoying than a dog's whine, I'd like you to tell me about it.

So, what with the attention to all that is shiny and marvelous, it's no wonder I'm experiencing some degree of trepidation at the notion of purchasing a Christmas tree. 400 tiny white lights, sparkly garland, shimmering ornaments? Skeet's head may well explode with joy.

If the damn cat doesn't knock it all over in a shimmering heap of glass shards first.


Speaking of glass shards - we watched "The Dark Crystal" last night. The Things had never seen it before; I think they were suitably impressed.

Let me say this to all of you who do not know what to get me for Christmas - I want one a' dese (Starts at 2:45)!

Y'all work on that, and have a great weekend.

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