Friday, November 07, 2008

Popping corks n' daisies, just like they did in the old days before anyone thought of teevee

(Title means nothing. Sometimes, they just don't.)

Gettin' the fam ready to take a drive down the eastern part of this great nation, where we'll take a right at Jacksonville and continue on for a few hours. Because, you know, semi-spontaneous 12-hour drives are the new black.

My buddy Puff is waaaaay over yonder, waiting for us to descend on her and her family. It will be a meeting o' momentous proportion, I'm thinking, being as how she's been all up n' married and spawing chilluns' for about 15 years without me ever meeting any of the folks she calls 'family.' This is what living on a whole other continent will do for you. It's tough to pop over for dinner or to babysit for a friend when there's an ocean between you.

Puff is a wonderful woman, as evidenced by the fact that she invited us down to see her and her gang while they are cavationing, and STAY AT THEIR HOUSE WITH THEM. That's just crazy talk right there! Wonderful, crazy, impulsive, generous woman. There was about 15 seconds of mental wrangling on my part (the basic question being 'fly or drive' because NOT going was never really an option), a 'yes we'll be there' popped out, and the planning was underway.

Today's the day! Yay, hooray! Today's the day we rentaminivan and pileourstuffin and drivepastdark on our way to the sunny shores of the Gulf o' Mexico-ho-ho.

Today's also the day I:

Also take Tinkerbell to the shop to find out why she's leaking oil.

And also pay the utility bills.

And also pack.

And also finish up a few work projects that are threatening to swallow my brain with their complicated demands.

But hey - vacation in a few hours! Yay! Hooray!

Talk amongst yourselves until Wednesday. And have a nice day(s).


Postscript - my step-dad's mom passed away early this morning. She was 93, and until last week lived at home alone taking care of things on her own. Please throw a kind thought his way as he has to say goodbye to his Mom. He's lucky to have had her for as long as he did.

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