Saturday, November 29, 2008

All bound up and loving every minute

There is very little on this earth that a good schmear of cheese can't cure.

Mmm, melty warm cheese over the arroz con pollo simmering on the stove? The perfect coup de grah on the dish. Seriously, that was one dish that was teetering on the edge of being not only LOADED with unnecessary veg, but also low-fat to boot, and by GOD, this is America, and we cannot have that.

Same for bagels. Bagels and butter? No. Bagels and CREAM CHEESE, perhaps the most in existence, after peanut butter. And cinnamon-sugar toast.

Damn, I'm hungry. Good thing that layer of mozz and cheddar I just sprinkled over the aforementioned arroz con poultry is almost the perfect gloss of melty goodness that signals eatin' time.

Can you tell it's been about 4 days since i cooked anything? I've been living on Thanksgiving leftovers, eating mostly from the plasticware containers in which they were secreted after the big meal, and while they were heating in the microwave was sucking on cold gravy chunks.

It was a thick gravy this year. Yum.

Also, I have bought three DRESSES today. Hi! Many big events are coming, and a girl must have a selection from which to choose when facing said big events, and while I seriously hope my first choice is the one that wins the 'fit' contest, I'm not stupid enough to believe that my first pick will necessarily be the best.

I haven't worn a dress in ages. This? Should be fun.

Now where can a gravy-eatin' cheese loving ninja girl get her some Spanx?? I think I'm going to need them.

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