Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rich nougaty centers

It's pretty, no? The hat, the choker, the corset, the bouquet? So luscious.

Literally. It's made of chocolate.

Happy Hallowe'en kiddies! Mommy's costume is going to melt right off her when the hot dude from down the block brings the kids around for Trick-or-Treat. Woohoo!


One wonders how one gets a job designing chocolate clothing. In the same line of thinking, what would you say to someone at a cocktail party who asks you what you do for a living? "I design high-fashion edible clothing, specializing in undergarments and haberdashery"? REALLY?

And who are those people who sketch out the newest in edible underthings? Who are those folks who can proudly point to displays of candy panties at the local adult novelty store and say "I did that"?

Those are some of the people I'd love to have to a party.

How 'bout you?

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