Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pour vou, une amusemoh(n)

S'il vou plait, un petit article de la New Yorker:

That's my gal!

Alors!! Chacun rit comme le chevalier de maurice! Oh hoh hoh!

Vous les cochons élitistes, vous.


Then? There's this. Perhaps the world's most perfect time-waster. Click on the little gray squarein the upper left corner of the new screen to git you started.

Be sure to check out the galleries when you're done creating your own work(s) of art, and thereby be dazzled at just how much time other people have wasted doing the exact same thing.

You'd be in very good company, it would appear.


Today's the day the Things come home from their great trip out west. There's been snow on snow on snow out in the Yellowstone area. Will it be a a huge mind-freak for them to come back to temps in the 80's, or will they embrace the warm southern autumn with grateful hearts?

Time will tell.

Sure hope they don't mind that there ain't no bison, or elk, or otters, or bears, or geysers around these here parts. We got soybeans though. SOYBEANS! And tobacco! Also - Crazy drivers, traffic so congested it's practically consumptive, crazy-ass high gas prices, taxes out the hoo-ha, and rampant terraforming for new shopportunities.

Also? We have Barbecue. That plus the gorgeous weather makes up for a lot of those other things, I'm thinking.


What is it about where YOU live that makes you stay there, and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I'm in NC for the work, and to be a little closer to my family than we were in Connecticut. The temperate climate would keep me here, as well as the terrific public higher education system, the welcoming nature of almost everyone around, the way people you don't know hold open doors for you, the way the amber autumn moon rises over the rolling terrain, the cicadas and the farm fields, the tree-lined streets of my town, the Southernness of it all.

If I had my druthers (and this is something I've said before), I'd probably move back to the Shenandoah Valley. Something about it is perfectly home.

But I'd keep an apartment in Manhattan for the odd weekend of big city life, and the really good Chinese food.

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