Friday, October 03, 2008


It's possible that I have used that post title before. Why do I feel compelled to give every daggone post a title? It's not as though it has any relationship whatsoever with what I'm writing in the post itself. Seems inappropriate to simply DIVE IN to the writing without some kind of salutation or warning as to what's upcoming. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Anyone watch the debate last night? I couldn't. Can't risk hearing someone mispronounce 'nuclear' ever again. EVER! Also, one of the candidates has a terrible awful no-good very bad voice, which is as irritating as poison ivy, and so that's another reason to not watch. I did read some of the Fark comments as the debate was ongoing, which I find to be almost as illuminating as the event itself, if perhaps a touch more crude and a smidge more biased. Crude and biased I can do; listening to someone who drops the 'g' off every 'ing' is not my idea of statesmanship, and would completely derail my ability to hear what was being said, if indeed there was anything of substance offered up in debate. So no. No to the debate. It would only irritate me, which is a state of being to be avoided if possible.

Hey, I'm sick of OJ Simpson too. He can go take along walk off a short pier as far as I'm concerned. He's as relevant as a powdered wig, you know? He's a washed-up has-been who lost all importance over a decade ago, who has tarnished his early gleam with a greasy rag of violence and lies. There's nothing interesting or compelling about him, and I dearly wish the media would stop covering his pathetic 'story' and move on to things that matter more than the daily airing of his tattered worn-out dirty laundry.

Anger. Grrr.

Steve Fossett's been found, in case you live under a series of rocks, or the heart or Mordor. OK, they didn't find Steve, but they did find his airplane, his ID papers, and some 'remains' up on a mountain near Mammoth Lakes out in California. So, that's good. Now, maybe Amelia Earhardt will show up next. That would be cool, and would free up a bunch of people who could then go looking for Elvis, or Jim Morrison.

Nobody looks for Jimi Hendrix. Why is that? Is it because he's black? Is that it? Hmm, nobody is looking for Janis Joplin either, as far as I can tell. No great conspiracy theories around her, are there? She's a woman, and who cares about dead white female singers? Also, there's been a right shortage of Mama Cass sightings lately, which is kind of sad, unless she got a sex change and is now that Manuel Uribe dude down in Mexico who's lost like 500 pounds and is still humongously fat and can't walk yet has a girlfriend and is getting married and OMG have you seen the pictures of him with some kind of bloated purplish sack of skin hanging out the bottom of the sheets with which he covers himself? If that's an enormous ballsack, I'm officially done using my eyes.

Anything else I have to be pissed off about today? Oh yeah. I have to go to work.

Y'all have a wonderful day, a super weekend, and a beer for me.

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