Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hey Yogi!

So, how many people thought I'd lost my mind yesterday when I either

  • 1) posted a great whack of blank space in an uncharacteristically short post, referencing an aged film star in combination with an interesting vocabulary word
  • 2) posted a busted You Tube link in an otherwise completely nonsensical post that left you pondering on my overall mental health
  • 3) posted a link to a You Tube vid that's no longer available in a post that, if you'd been able to see it, would maybe have made you laugh?

If your choice was any of the above, rest easy, for I have not lost my mind. Instead, I am the victim of a nonfunctioning interwebz, which made the appearance and viewability of this video impossible for a number of you, and for that I apologize. Now, because quality control is important, I verified that as of this morning that compilation of clips from SNL is available, and while not truly kid-safe (because Sean is a grumpy ol' cuss (sans cussing) innit), it might make you giggle. Also? The vid might help you understand the whole frigging POST from yesterday.

Humor failure is not a pretty thing. I'm here to help fix it.


Does the advent of fall bring out the idiot drivers where you live?

Three times yesterday poor Tinkerbell was nearly sideswiped by some moran or another who thought that they needed to be out front of whatever line of cars might be ahead of them, and who achieved this goal by weaving in and out of long lines of cars on 2-lane roads, sometimes into the face of oncoming traffic, at which point they (the morans) would shift sideways in the lane no matter who was in it at the time.

Twice yesterday, those morans were people who have HANDIPCAPPED plates. Is it any wonder why?


Had a dream this morning that was shockingly real, and simultaneously so surreal that I'm not sure what to think of my brain. It involved the afterlife, a boy of about 14, mysterious circumstances of his demise, and a posse of murderous teachers.

By the end of it I wanted more, but I woke up just as one frightening red-lipsticked high-haired angry old biddy was using a Hoover to burn the neck of the main character, which was a partial explanation of how he got one of the curious wounds that led to his death.

There were also poisoned eggs, a band of hooligans who used the boy as bait for the teachers' ire, and a litle matter of bringing this kid to justice so he could go back to the living, which is where I, as a 'greeter' to the afterlife, stepped in.

Wish I knew how it was going to turn out. I suspect well, but I'll never know, now will I?


It's cold here, but not as cold as it is where the Things are right now. They're on a trip with their Dad 'out west' to Wyoming and Yellowstone Natn'l Park, where it's already getting down to the 20's and 30's at night, and where there are more bears than amenities.

They're out there for a couple of weeks in an RV, doing camping and exploring and such. If you're the praying kind, please include their safety in your prayers. I'd dearly love to see them come back all in one piece.


I'mma strap on some warm duds and take myself for a walk before (grudgingly) going to work.
Have yourselves a wonderful day.

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