Thursday, September 25, 2008


Seems like I write a poem every autumn, so why not this one too?

Sudden Onset

This morning
Autumn blew in
Through half-open windows.

Breezy leaves skirr
Gray skies skud
Geese vee south

Summer left
In an instant
Or so it seems

Jackets go on
No more AC
Dark at dinner

Welcome fall
The best season
Sleep under two blankets

Hot griddle cakes
High school football
Pumpkins to buy

Hello gorgeous
Leaves turn color
Drink some hot cider

Oh happy day!
Fall is here
Finally, and again.


I love fall. I do. I love the chill, the darker evenings, the excitement of wind-touseled leaves, the way the air seems fresher. I love waking up to sunrises that slowly color the neighborhood in a golden light unlike the glaring yellow of summer. I love sunsets watched from the front porch, feeling the warmth leak from the day while swallows circle overhead looking for that last meal. I love the the mosquitos think it's too cold to come out for any meal at all.

Fall, after the blistering heat of a Southern summer, is a welcome turn of events. It's wonderful to think about digging out the crockpot from where it's been stashed since May; to decorate in seasonal shades of red and orange, brown and yellow; to draw a deep breath and feel coolness in your nose and throat. Isn't it great to pull out those sweaters, to slide into those jeans, to feel a nip in the air in the mornings, to see steam rise from a cup of coffee as it sits on the picnic table while the dog chases after her ball? I think so.

The harvest is being brought in, tractors turn the earth for the last fruits, apple-picking commences, the home-time of winter is just around the corner so it's time to get out and party while it's good weather. It's the time of Oktoberfest and country fairs, and there's nothing to not like about that. Buxom women serving gigantic steins of beer, shouts of 'hoi hoi hoi' punctuating oom-pah bandbeats, fresh-faced future farmers parading yearling cattle, fancy chickens on display in long lines of wire cages, the smell of fried dough and hot chocolate mingling with earthy scents of animals. The best is displayed, judged, and celebrated as summer and its hard work is brought to a close. A new season is beginning, the change is always welcome.

Who's with me in the autumnal lub-fest? And who would suggest an alternate favorite? Tell us about, won't you?

And have a great day.

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