Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm ticked.

The rumors were true. "For Better or For Worse" is starting OVER, in the clunky old style I don't care for as much as the sleek newer drawing style.

I'm going to be truthful here - I'm not really interested in the lives of the Pattersons 30 years ago. Really, I'm not! I wanted to see if April was going to stay with Gerald (apparently NOT), and when Elizabeth and Anthony were going to have kids, and if Grandpa Jim was going to learn to talk again, but NoooOOOoo, all that's been shot down in favor of rehashing ancient history.

Not that it matters one gray little hoot, but I'm not happy about this turn of events. Much like when Karen Montague-Reyes decided to give the "Clear Blue Water" family their makeovers early this year - the whole look changed, and it wasn't an improvement, to my way of thinking. It's like if someone decided Charlie Brown would look better with a chin....unthinkable! Some of the old look has crept back into that particular comic, because Eve has decided to NOT do her hair so the long wavy lines signifying 'hair' are back, and she decided to go back to her old nose when given the choice.

Perhaps I have way too much invested in the comic strips, but daggone it! Nobody does Mary Worth in anime! Dilbert would be way less funny if Prince Valiant's artist drew it! Revisiting old storylines is not as interesting as keeping a good thing going!

Is anyone listening to the crazy woman rant? ANYONE?


I'm not even going to mention that whole Bristol Palin thing, except to say I wish that young woman a whole lot of luck. Being preggers at 17, when your MOM is running for Veep of the United States has got to suck major hot ass.


Spent a good portion of the weekend doing random 'stuff,' like painting the house (now, to the TRIM!), and mowing a friend's yard (bonus? getting a free dinner out of it), and hanging out with the Things while they frittered away major chunks of time playing Runescape.

By 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon I was tired of the frittering, and so called a halt to the electronics and a 'go' decision for the pool. Oh, there was groaning and sudden proclamations of overwhelming tiredness, there was moaning and declaration that no water would touch a certain Thing's body, there was the grabbing of books to read in order that full-on sullen lounging poolside in a funk of irritation could occur....

None of which swayed me one tee-tiny iota from my plan to go.have.fun. FUN!

Let me just say here that one ride down the water slide got the funk out, and a grand time was had by all. Handstand contests, underwater somersault competitions, the 'bucking bronc' (AKA "me") and many other small enjoyments were had, including a trip to the snack machine as a reward for proving that each Thing can tread water for at least a minute. I know, I'm an easy mark, but hell, the pool closed yesterday, it was the big end-of-season blowout, so what's a dollar each among family members, eh?

Bonus - finding out that caramel Bugles are delicious.

Extra bonus - a trip to the pool seems to wash away general malaise, poor spirits, and a vague sense of unease among the under-21 set. THIS is why I can't give up the Y membership....they have an indoor pool, which means that this particular brand of magic can be had year-round. It'd be flat-out stoopid to give that up, now wouldn't it?


It's September already, and right on time a chill is on the mornings. I love it. After experiencing swampy-hot weather throughout major portions of the summer, being able to open some windows is a grand thing indeed. Of course it doesn't last, and by noon we're full-shuttered and the AC is back on, but for a few wonderful hours the fresh air can creep in through open windows, the sound of the world seeps in, the connection is remade with what's outside the walls. Isolation is obliterated, community forces its way in.



Oh, and one last thing. Cats do NOT care for having their temperatures taken. At ALL.

Something about the anal probing, methinks.


Hey y'all - have a terrific day. It's not Monday, so there's that bit to celebrate!

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