Monday, September 08, 2008

Behold - a blight through yonder brindow wakes!

In case you're interested, I've decided to like Fall Out Boy now. Every time I hear Pete Wentz howling about this n' that I like them more.

So, there's several months of indecision taken care of.


You can buy a cat fancy toys to play with, but it will never fail that what will hold their attention longest is the plastic ring from the cap of a gallon of milk.

Cats are maybe not as smart as they'd like us to think they are.

Also? Some dogs really REALLY like to chase laser pointer lights. Skeeter would be one of them. Gotta LOVE not having to wing a dog-spitty ball around the yard, and it has the added bonus of being a safe indoor toy as well. Dogs do not have a sense of wanting us to think they are smart, and so don't mind us laughing at them when they ram their snouts into a wall trying to eat a spot of red light. That is one more reason I love dogs.


You know what the definition of 'disheartening' is?

It's when you go outside on a warm Sunday morning, determined to put the trim paint on the house you've been scraping and sanding and taping and masking and cutting in for over a month, so as to finally finish the job, only to discover that the paint on half of one whole side of the house, the paint that you just put on LAST WEEK, is bubbling up, and, get this, taking the old paint off the house much like an actual paint stripper would.

Almost makes a strong woman want to sit down and have herself a good ol' crying spell. Certainly it will makes the shoulders slump and the day seem a whole LOT longer than it did before the discovery was made.

Doesn't help that after doing some research I found out that, not only is this a common problem for owners of old houses, and in addition that putting latex over old oil paint is a particularly dicey proposal on the best of days, and that the recommended procedure is to strip ALL the old paint off down to bare wood before repainting, but that one of the alternate 'fixes' for this problem is to keep a bucket of paint around and just scrape and sand and prime and repaint the spots as they come up, so that eventually you have a wall covered in ONLY latex. Which could take years. Or, in the case of the Tiny House, maybe only another couple of weeks if the bubbling continues at its current pace.

On the positive side, the trim paint is SPECTACULAR with the 'undercool blue' of the housepaint. I think it's called 'lemon chiffon,' and it makes the TH happy.

Having a happy house is at least as important as stacking your dishes properly so they're comfortable. It is too. Oh be quiet.


Also happy-making? Beers and a few games of pool at the local sports bar after showering off a sticky layer of sweat and paint spatters. Even though I stink at pool, the occasional shot goes in just how I want it to, which is satisfying in a Joe Cool kind of way. I'm no pool shark, oh no. If there was such a thing as pool krill, then that would be more my ability level...but it doesn't keep me from enjoying the game.


Oh - update. The cat has successfully killed the milk-cap ring, and is carrying it around the house mighty proud of herself. See? Not so smart.

That's it for today. Hope y'all have a great Montag!

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