Friday, September 26, 2008

Ain't THIS enough to make your brain hurt.

Well now. I missed the chance yesterday to post a couple of science-y things and naming the post "Thinking Thursday" or some other twee name, but no matter. Today can be a day to think, can't it?

Yes, yes it can.

And so, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a few new-to-me websites that might just make your brain hurt in a good way as it fires off synapses that in all likelihood you haven't revved up since Hector was a pup.

First - This is a find sent to me by the STBX, who is a thinking-type person and who, I'm sure, understands the contents of this site far better than I ever could. The article of self-replicating machines is enough of a head-scratcher for me for one day, but this site is getting bookmarked for future perusal.

Second - Pharyngula, This guy is a college professor who is unabashed in his disdain for creationism (or at least the restrictive timelines imposed on creationism by some hard-liners (I, for one, believe in a form of creationism, because if I didn't my already-aching head would explode into a thick mist of gore from the implication that were just an accident of evolution, which would then mean that there really IS no purpose to life and we're simple parasites on a randomly-formed world, and that's too awful a thought to entertain for very long. I like to think that we are here for a reason, if only to be part of God's big experiment. I can live with the idea that I'm a data point, perhaps even an outlier. That would be cool. When I get to heaven (please?) I'd love to look a big chart of human experience and see that my existence skewed some normal distribution.)), so those of you who hold to the 10,000-year-old earth theory might not want to touch this one, but I find him brash and amusing. He's a favorite of Farkers, if that's any indication.

Third - It seems to be nearly boundless in scope, and very likely a real weekend-swallower for the so-inclined. I can't wait to have a few random off hours to dig around in the pile of 70-some-odd blogs that contribute to this site, and to get my rusty middle-aged mind wrapped around some insights, facts, and theories. Yummy.

I rather like to read things that make me feel a little stupid. It means that I can still learn, but perhaps more importantly it means that greater minds than mine are out there doing the heavy thinking, that they're out there sweating over the hard questions, which leaves people like me ample time to goof off, something that I'm very good it. Because really? If I had to devote my time to thinking about stuff, when would I ever get to play Chuzzle?


Brace yourselves for a precipitous topic change!

Strapped in? Good. Engage.

I'm trying a new thing to bring my thatch of head-hair into some kind of silky wonderfulness. I'm not washing it anymore.

Wait! Before you go all 'ew!' and start thanking your lucky stars (and clovers! in marshmallow!) that you don't live close to me for fear my stanky ol' head would make you want to visit the elephant enclosure at some local zoo to get a breath of fresh air, I should tell you that I'm not washing it with shampoo anymore.

Apparently, most kinds of shampoo are death to curly hair, being as how they strip the sparse oils from it, drying it out most horrifically. I happen to be the proud owner of a half-head of curly hair (everything from the crown on back), and can attest that keeping it under control is a soul-sapping bitch to do, which is why mine's usually pulled back into a frizzy bun or french-braided somehow. The frizzidness and dryness bug me, because I just KNOW that my hair can look much better, and so, after doing some reading on a website for people with curly hair (my god, there's a website for everything now, isn't there?), I've decided to do their 'no poo' regimen for a week to see if that might be the answer to the question 'oh WHY won't my hair behave?'

No shampoo? Then what does I do? I can clean my hair with conditioner, apparently. It's got sodium lauryl sulphate in it, which is what does the cleaning in shampoo, but the conditioner just has a lot less of it. The tricky bit is going to be getting the wavy hair in front to play nicely with the super-curly hair in back...which might take a bit of experimenting.

Hey - If you know how to treat long curly/wavy hair so that it goes from an unruly mop to a glistening flowing mane of feminine awesomeness, please let me know. I'm on a mission here.

Thanks, and have a great day.

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