Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See change, sea change

There's been a turn for the worse among the animal harmony at home.

It seems that the cat can only tolerate the dog if she's in heat. I fear for a stalemate of bed-temperedness once the 25th of August rolls around, because that's when the cat is being spayed. Finally.

Yep - there were a few days of lovey-dovey between them while Miss Kitty was looking for some nookie, but now that she's not in the mood anymore the dog, who thought she had a good thing going, is doggona non grata once more.

Maybe ripping out the feline hormone flux capacitor will settle her pissyness down to a tolerable level. Otherwise, even MORE fur will be flying at the Tiny House. Sheesh.


On the housepainting front, this just in: It figures that once all paint scraping was done and the bare wood under the flakeyeness was exposed, the weather would take a turn for the wetter.


Now it'll take another two days of sun for the wood to re-dry, more scraping will need to be done, and only THEN can the last of the primer be put on. Yeah, it's going to take another gallon of the stuff to do more than half-assed job of prepping the siding.

The house is a lovely combination of old blue paint, streaks of white primer, and islands of bare wood right now. Whoever said progress isn't pretty was right on the money.


Why are people making such a fuss about the lip-synching at the Olympics opening ceremony? I understand that it was an act of theater, and as such can be presented in any way the organizers see fit. OK, so the less-attractive girl (who I think is absolutely adorable, BTW) who was the actual singer of the charming ditty had to stand behind the scenes while the spotlight of world attention was focused on the prettier girl, but what harm? Can you understand the depth of living-room mockery that would have occurred if that marginally more unfortunately configured young girl had been put in to the glare of global attention to sing LIVE? The jokes about Chinese teeth, the put-downs about her appearance, the quips about bowl haircuts, the negative remarks about the country in general would have been epic, of that you can be sure.

Why, I'll just bet there's a thread on Fark right now about the relative hittability of the two girls, and the prettier one, of course, is winning. That, my friends, is enough humiliation, right there; basement-dwelling geeks rating the relative merits of young girls. Seriously, it's really enough.

You do not want to crush a little girl's sense of self that early in life, so I say let her sing behind the scenes, get a recording contract, and in due time can take the money she gets from that and get braces, hire a pro hairstylist, fix whatever she wants to fix if she wants to fix it, and by the time she's 21 she'll have skyrocketed to high-hittability (if indeed she's interested in that vaunted title) while also having a TALENT.

And what will lil' Miss Pretty have?

One moment at the Olympics, when everyone knew she was faking it.



Speaking of unfortunately configured people.....there's a guy where I work who has a mole right under his nose. It looks like a mega-booger, just hanging out there.

Thank God it's skin-colored. A pigmented booger-mole would be exponentially more shiver-inducing.


And that brings you up to speed on the state of things inside my head. Tune in tomorrow when I might divulge how to make a yummy dinner in 20 minutes, or bring up someone else's physical flaws for mockery, or talk about boobs, farts, paint, cats, the state of the global economy, or whatnot else happens to be swimming around the deep pit of random that is my frontal lobe....

Have a great day folks, whatever's on your mind.

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