Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh, Great.

Blogger's changed again. I'm sure we can expect great things from this update of the dashboard, just as soon as we figure out where to find the tools and gadgets.

I expect to be encouraged, or perhaps outright NAGGED, by the Wordpress users to switch. Go on. I can take it.


Started taking a daily multivitamin again early this week.


As a result, my poop is now BLACK.

Guess that's a clear sign that I needed them.


(Here's a total change of topic. You're welcome)

There's a new person in my cube room. She's a chatty thing. Her conversations with the woman who works adjacent to her seem to go on for hours.

They're known one another for over 20 years. This long history apparently allows for quite a bit of chatter. I am not used to chatter. Chatter takes my scant cup of concentration and knocks it over, leaving me with barely a drop on the bottom with which to perform my daily tasks.

But hey, I got used to The Farter, I'm sure I can get used to Chatty Cathy (not her real name) and Blather Me Elma.

Otherwise? It might mean another trip to HR for me, The Complainer.

Heaven help me when ALL the cubes fill up. There's room for at least 12 more people in here.


Another new breaking news story from the work front:

For the past couple of months the facilities guys have been working away on the lab that is adjacent to my cube area. There was a considerable amount of banging for a while, then large machines were installed, then groups of people started milling around in there looking at the machines and being trained on how to use them, and it now seems that the time is right to being production with them.

The machines make pills and capsules.

They also make a 'thoompa-thoompa-thoompa' noise that is yet ANOTHER thing I'm going to have to get used to. The sound of progress, my friends, might just be the vehicle that drives me crazy.


Had a lovely lunch with Rennratt yesterday. Nice of her to let me get a word in. :) We figured out that it's been over two years since we first met, a metric that astounded me at first. I keep on thinking that I'm new in town, but I've been in NC for 3.5 years already. Amazing.

The hour I spent noshing on Mediterranean food and yapping my fool head off with her was one of the highlights of my week. Good friends totally rock. Good friends who know where to find great falafel? Rock even harder.


Muy Imprtante Announciamento!

If you're a Triangle-area blogger, or are going to be in the Triangle area next Saturday, please consider coming out to Moore Square for free music and a blogger meet-up. Yours truly will be there, and Mojo too, and a cupla other people who will be surprise guests. Totally casual, just-say-hey kind of thing.

Gotta walk into this whole 'social life' thing sloooowly, after all.

Deets are in the works, as is a very cool graphic button-thingie. How we'll recognize one another is up in the air. I'm shooting for us to just write our blognames on white tee shirts and wander around until we bump into someone wearing a blogname we recognize...think THAT will work?


That's it folks. I'm off to correct a mistake I made earlier this week, then begin to think about doing the work I should have started three days ago. That calendar keeps flinging pages at me, and I'm simply not catching them, dang it!

Have a good one!

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