Thursday, August 28, 2008

In out In out

Deb on the Rocks prolly doesn't need more readers, but I'm going to suggest y'all go over there and read her 'what's in, what's out' list anyhow.

You know why? Because if she's right about what's in style right now, I'm a frigging ICON of cool. Note that bourbon, brown bag lunches, and (ahem) morning sex are in. So glad to know the pendulum of awesome has FINALLY swung back into my yard.

How cool are you, according to her list? And where might you be falling behind? Do tell us...


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm only competitive when I'm winning.

This is why I'll never take part in a threesome. Too much thought would have to be devoted to obsessing over if I was better than the other girl. Assuming, of course, that it would be a two-girl-one-guy thing.

Maybe three girls would be OK, but I don't know how to do lesbian sex. I know, I'm such a prude. Never even made out with a girl. Back in the day? Just wasn't done. I might be cool with two guys and me, but, uh, that whole extra penis thing would get complicated. Too much to keep track of...

Eh. It's not like anyone's offering an opportunity for me to turn down.



No, there wasn't a contest or anything, so don't be digging through the archives for what you may have missed. Nosir, the winner is in my CD player right now. Remember if you will how I mentioned that in preparation for last weekend's big ol' music party I'd gone ahead and purchased a couple of new CDs of the bands that were to play at the big ol' music fest? Do ya? Remember?

Well, CD #1 came in the mail yesterday. Shiny!

And totally ROCKING. Who is this band, you ask? It's 'Saving Abel,' and their self-titled first CD. I didn't have ultra-high hopes that I'd totes enjoy the CD, not ever having heard them before, but damn. DAMN. Power guitar, angsty-as-hell lyrics, bangin' drums, a singer that can send shivers up your spine, the whole package is there. Sure made my commute zip by. There are a couple of songs I didn't get to this a.m. that I'm truly looking forward to hearing this afternoon.

So, yeah. Score one for blindly picking up CDs based on the barest of information.


I'm struggling with coming up with anything more, so I'll just quit right here. It's a wonderful day, a great morning, there's water in the reservoir and food in the fridge, so life is about as good as it can get.

Rock this Thursday hard, all y'all, and I'll see you on the intertubez.

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