Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And as if THAT wasn't enough,

I miss my bed.

It's a gray day here, the aftermath of a good soaking rainstorm is slow to leave the area, and I so sorely wish I was at home, in bed, trying to get through the rest of "Eldest" so I can see what finally happens to Eragon and the elves and Roran and Katrina. I am at a particularly good part of the book, and with fully 2/3rds of the pages left to read it's going to take a serious time investment to get through everything. There are battles in the offing, a war to take back what Galbatorix stole, there's a new leader of the Varden, and I'm MISSING IT because of stupid work.

Also regular life is getting in the way, what with the washing and the cooking and the commuting and errand-doing and animal feeding and whatnot.

Would it be so wrong to take a vacation day to just sit home and read? I wonder.

Both "Eldest" and its predecessor "Eragon" are captivating reads. The author's style is straightforward, he uses words well, and there's plenty of action going on at all times. Pacing is good, the characters are solid, and the tension is keyed just right.

The author? Born in 1983. He's 25, people. 25 years old, with two novels under his belt and a third on the way. You can see that I need to hurry up to finish Eldest before September 20th, because that's when the next book in the cycle is being released. Gosh, I hope it's a good thick book. I love big ol' books that take forever to get through. Feels like you've accomplished something once you're done.

This is the reason that I've read "The Stand" about 4 times straight through. Yeah, the ending sucks, but the rest of the book is fantastic. Oh, and I need to read Dragonriders of Pern again too. And Another Roadside Attraction. I totally love that book.

What are the books you read over and over again? Oh, and have any of you read the whole Bible all the way through? I started to a while ago, and was captivated by how really not preachy it is. The folks in the Old Testament were very naughty people. How many times does God have to TELL us what he wants? A lot, apparently. And the names. Oh my. World history through the begats allaway back to the beginning, and allaway forward to whatever point necessary to set the background for whatever story is about to be told. Bathsheba in a tub, indeed. Naughty naughty!


A torture device thought up the the ancient Greeks is a hollow metal cow into which a convict was placed, under which a fire was then lit.

It was perfected over time to be fit with sound-enhancing devices so that the roasting person's screams would sound like the cow was mooing.

So very NOT a way to die.


Despite fully a half an hour of practice, I still suck at playing drums. This is going to be much harder than I thought, this becoming a rock star. Still, there's a definite lack of opportunity for rock French Horn players, so practice I must if I'm to achieve my newest life goal.

If the drums don't start to fall together for me, I guess I could look into playing the bass. Hey, if Tina Weymouth can learn to play so that the Talking Heads would have a bassist, then I should be able to too, right?


I'd still rather play an instrument that lets you sit down while doing it though.


Hey guys, guess what?

It's time for me to go back to work, and for y'all to go have a great day. Hawmp that suckr, and rock on!

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