Saturday, July 26, 2008

This could be YOUR breakfast too, if you were here right now

Tiff's brefess smoothie of teh awesome:

1 banana
1 ripe peach, skin ON
1/2 cup light vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup OJ

Whizz in blender until smooth, add 2 ice cubes, whizz again. Pour into tall glass and drink.

It's really good, y'all. But is it good FOR you? Let's take a look.

Calorically, it breaks down thusly:

banana - 100 calories
peach - 40 calories
yogurt - 90 cal
OJ - 60 cal

That's 290 calories. That's not much. How does it perform nutritionally though? (If you click on the links, be prepared for some colorful graphics and GOBS of info. How cool, if you get geeked out by information overload like I do.)

banana (link goes to the default '1 cup mashed' which ain't right. Use the drop-down, if you're the least bit interested, to get to the '1 medium' values, and thank you)

The sense I'm getting is that there's a whole lot of good stuff in there. I mean, just LOOK at the protein quality of the yogurt! Amazing! The down side is that the fruits are high in sugars, which increases the glycemic load, but ohwell. I could be having bacon and eggs and buttered toast for breakfast, which is probably not as wise a nutritional choice, and is hard to make, greases up pans, and scatters crumbs on my kitchen counter.

Just thought someone might like to know.

Now I'm off to input other stuff into the nutritionometer, because it's pretty. Whee!

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