Friday, July 25, 2008

I might be Yellow, but I'm no dog

Hey y'all! Thanks for the helpful ideas about the Tiny House's next coat o' paint. Sure looks like yellow is the way to go, though Kingfisher's idea of plaid also sounds good. Not sure when I can buy plaid paint tho.

For all y'all who have not been to the Tiny House, you should know that right now it's a pale sky blue with deep teal shutters and white trim. The concrete front porch is painted the same color as the shutters, and is pretty but peeling.

I've always liked yellow houses. The Big Ass House we built in Connecticut was a very soft yellow with white trim and dark Williamsburg green front doors (one on the main house, one on the mud room entry). That was a pretty snazzy color combination, which might well be repeated on the Tiny House, only this time putting the green on the shutters because the front door is white and I don't feel like painting a white door a dark color ever again. My Dad always wanted to live in a yellow house with black shutters, so the new TH color combo will be a little homage to him as well as being a very lovely scheme overall. Won't the neighbors be jealous!


My Mom wanted y'all to know a little sum'pn about a post I wrote recently, and I quote from her e-mail to me:

You said that I wanted to marry Uncle W, not so. I was 16 when I thought he was pretty cool and I truly had not met your dad since he was in the hospital that year with hepatitis for the second time. Please be sure that the moment I met your dad I knew that he was the only one for me. He was the love of my life and no one can compare. Could you add a little postscript to your entry? I don't want anyone thinking that he was my second choice. He was and always will be first in my heart.

I miss-wrote, and for that I apologize, Mom. The post itself will be amended to clarify that point.

I'll pause here while y'all wipe the mist from your eyes.



Done? Good. Let's move on. It's Friday, and there are headlines to mangle!

Analysis: GOP stroked base in housing vote

Was arrested for public indecency shortly thereafter.

Air Force missile launch crew fell asleep

Woke up 8 hours later feeling refreshed.

Judge: Girl's name, Talula Does The Hula, won't do

Orders it changed to "Misty does the Twisty"

Obama urges Europeans, Americans to defeat terror

Suggests mass spider-cide as a way to start.

Obama beats McCain in Europe donations

McCain planning to take a whole BUNCH of old clothes to the Garmisch GutWill to catch up.

AP Exclusive: Secret Service wants more money

But it'll have to be forked over under the table.

(over under? weird)

China says has more people surfing the Web than US

China also has lots more people than the U.S. does. Big Whoop, China.

N.M. researchers hope to cultivate `calming herb'

Let's see how long it takes for THIS 'calming herb' to become illegal. Anyone care to place a bet?

White House reverses experts on Yellowstone policy

Not ones to be fooled though, they just turned right back around again.

Peru wants jail for nude woman using flag as saddle

Brazil wants a detention center for clothed women using saddle as flag.


And so? There you go. An early-mornin' news round up - the right way to start your Friday, I do so say.

You're welcome, and have a good 'un, all y'all.

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