Friday, July 11, 2008

Hey it's an 800 Number!

This post right here?

It's number 800 here at NAY.

Hole-y carp.


This post here will prolly be the last one for a week or so. Unless of course I can pick up wiffy or plug into a land line that carries the intertubez while I'm on vacation. I therefore should make it a really really GOOD post, shouldn't I? One packed with wit, insight, droll repartee, and things that make you go 'hmmm,' because I don't want to lose your interest or slavish fandom (ahem) during the lapse of a week.

But then again, I think - 'hey, I'm not the Atlas of the internet. I'm not even a MINOR god in the pantheon of world wide webbery, and so WHY am I even concerned about this?'

So, forget insight, what follows is the post you'll get, and by God I don't want to hear any complaints.


I made the mistake of asking Thing 2 what he wanted for dinner last night...

He said "lasagna," and so it was that at 6:30 I found myself in the grocery store buying ricotta, sausage, noodles, etc with which to make lasagna.

The temptation to go Stouff myself was strong, but that shizz is 30% salt, 60% fat, and that's kind of icky if you think past how yummy it is.

We had the homemade lasagna at 9 p.m. How very chic.

It had been a VERY busy afternoon at the Tiny House, what with the trip to the YMCA pool (where, for the first time, I partook of the water slide! And partooked, and then partooketh some more. Fun!), the visit with the alternate pet sitter (who I now sort of would like to make friends with, because she had a purple streak in her hair but the rest of her was about as suburban Mom as you could get), the trip to the store, the cooking, the neighbor coming over the help mow the front yard (think jungle, and you're halfway there - it was seeded about two weeks ago and this is the first mowing. Neighbor's a landscaper. He has big machines that mow tiny years in about 5 minutes, and because he's the guy who talked me into seeding in the first place, he can bloody well help mow it.), and the general business of life, it took the pep out of most of us so that by 10 I was headed to beddie bye with a nice pasta and red wine buzz to lubricate my path to dreamland.


And there's still a full pan of Garfield food in the fridge. How excellent.

(FYI -it cost me only 17 bucks for ALL the ingredients for the lasagna. That's at least three meals worth...or 5.75 per meal for four people, and that includes bread! If I'd skipped the meat it would have been a lot cheaper, but....come on. Lose the sausage? Bitch, please).


Which reminds me - thanks for all the great vacation dinner ideas yesterday. I think I could feed the crowd for the whole week with your suggestions.

Well, not with the suggestions themselves, of course, but you get the idea. By the time I was through reading them I had a hankerin' for several different meals. Y'all? Rock.


While I'm typing this I have the work e-mail booper on to signify if I'm getting anything, and it's ding-donged about 5 times in the last few minutes.

This can't be good.


And so I leave y'all to you own devices for the week. Be well, be good, and I'll see you very soon.

XO - Tiff.

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