Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gauntlet Picked Up

Yesterday, in response to my 'almost all shoes all the time' post, Wordnerd, the darlin' of the Souf, issued a challenge, and I quote:

Now Tiff, ANYONE can post about boobs, or sex, or farts. YOU can rock the post that combines all three. The gauntlet is thrown.

Really, WN, you should know better. Or maybe I should know better than to pick it up, but I can't resist a challenge. Therefore, sit back y'all and follow along if you will..


It's a rare lover who can fondle your boobs as the coffee is brewing, ask you to pull their finger so they can get out a 'stuck fart' while the coffee is poured, and have you in bed for morning sex not but a few minutes later.

Rare, but not impossible.

Ask me how I know.


Heh. Done. Were you expecting something more? Are you wondering if it's true? Leave your guesses in the comments.


Had lunch this past Saturday with my buddy JC, who had as an enticement not ONLY a visit to her house (which I hadn't yet seen) but she had PUPPIES there. Four squirmy, fuzzy, waggywonderful puppies, which was a lot of fun and entertainment par excellahnce.

We had lunch out at her fave local pizza place, and didn't have pizza....because we're like that, yo. We talked of this n' that and some other stuff too, plus some of some OTHER people's stuff, because that can also be interesting.

About 5 hours later we were pretty well all talked out, and it was time for me to get going. The hour's drive home went smoothly, during which time I reflected on how much I like her, how sad I am that we are no longer colocated at work, and how happy I am that our friendship endures despite radically different schedules and lifestyles. It's good to have friends.

Especially ones with big scary dogs and even bigger hearts.


Oh, and I bought 3 pairs of shoes last night (including one pair of brown argyle Vans, because, really, who can resist?). For 48 bucks total. Thanks Payless!

And thus I end this post, with a slap to the random button to stop the outflow of gibberish from the brain that had several very good sessions of 45-minutes-in-a-row sleep last night (but no more than the 45 at any one time), which of course means that my attention span today will be that of an ADHD gnat...

Why should today be any different?

Have a good 'un, y'all.

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