Monday, June 09, 2008


It’s an enjoyable weekend when you are invited to other people’s houses two nights in a row for dinner. Why, it almost feels like an actual social life is emerging! Woo-hoot!

Went to Kenju’s house on Saturday night for a bitofanosh. OMG, she served some kind of spinach and strawberry salad that I could have just kep’ on eating, but then there was the cherry-glazed pork roast and minted asparagus and mac n’ cheez, THEN the lemon pound cake with vanilla ice cream, and THAT, my friends, is something worth stopping eating salad for.

The Things were along for the ride, and seemed to enjoy themselves. They made the living room their lair, and watched teevee while the adults talked and drank wine in the front room. I got so comfy that it was almost 11 p.m. before I shut up. Heh – pour a little wine down my throat and watch me go! Whee! Thing 2 had by then fallen HARD asleep on the comfy couch, so it was for sure time to go home.

Also? We got to see their bees. Well, not THEIR bees in the sense that the Kenjus want the bees, but more in the sense that the bees really like the Kenjuses house and so have taken up residence between floors, as it were. Crowds of bees a buzzin’ around one corner of the house, trying oh so hard to get in. Scary and fascinating.

Then last night we trooped over to the BriarCreek area, which is now the home of an old friend from CT who has moved down to the promised land…her apartment complex has a fantastic swimming pool, nice and warm, with cool underwater benches on which to perch while drinking an adult beverage and watching the Things play with the new supersoaker that Thing 1 bought with some money he earned helping a friend haul fenceposts out of the woods on Saturday afternoon (now that my friends is how to build a run-on sentence!). After the swimming there was the beer brats and fruit sallit and pasta sallit and more WINE, which by now you should know leads to verbosity aplenty, and so it was that at 9:30 last night the yawning began by everyone there but me (oopsie!) and it was time once again to go home.

I could get used to a social life, especially if it involves Yellowtail Shiraz.


We’re breaking more heat records today. The forecast from Wunderground said it was going to be 99.9 degrees today.

99.9? That’s some precise forecasting. No rounding off for those folks, oh no. They’re busy keeping us in denial about the double digit temps; that remaining 0.1 degree being the difference between complacency and OMG WTF kind of HOT is this?

Just give me the 100 degrees, people. The 99.9 ain’t fooling me.


And with that I end this rather uninteresting post. Y’all have a wonderful Monday, whether you be roasting or not (LL? I’m looking at YOU).

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