Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is where that hail was about 20 minutes ago

Yes, hail. What fun to be on the 24th floor and to have the lighting and thunder and hail and such! Hurrah! Hail, hail, the storm's all here, making hell of the roads, pouring over your clothes, hail, hail, the storms all here, what the hail do we do now???

I bet though that the merchants at the farmer's market down in Copley Square didn't think it was fun though. Poor farmers, with the soggy goat cheese and such.

Thanks for the suggestions on Bahston things to do - last night we almost made it to Faneuil Hall, but were stopped short by the music coming out of Paddy O's Bar, where there were lobster rolls (not the best I've ever had, but the bartender's accent WAY more than made up for that shortfall. Norm Abram has NOTHING on that dood. (As an aside, the best lopster rolls I've ever had were at a place called Abbott's Lobster in the Rough in CT. Thought you'd like to know)).

The sky is now clearing, and so once again a venture out is being made, this time with some old friends with whom to share good times. But first, a trip to the pool is necessary, in order to wipe out the vestiges of nap-brain I've got going on....

(author's LIVEBLOGGING note (7 p.m.): the pool was a huge mistake. Murky green and tasted like piss and sweat. Not coincidentally, it was next to the gym. Ew. Even the 99.6 F hot tub (NOT HOT ENOUGH!) couldn't scour off the itchy crystals that are at this moment causing me to think the pool was filled with poison ivy juice and monster snot. The pair of undersupervised noisy (but friendly) little kids kicking water in my face was a charming touch. The fitness room looks nice though. Good thing I brought my tennies and jog bra along....END liveblogging note)

Ah, and one of you is a clever bunny for guessing nearly perfectly as to where I am at the DIA. Those of you who know my name will of course be able to use the search function on their website to find me and where I'm SUPPOSED to be at one moment in time, but if you had to find me in the actual sea of humanity that is swelling 'round the pilings of the BCEC, you'd have a most difficult time indeed. This is one of the most popular conferences around. Tomorrow I'd get some pics of the vendor's floor so you have some appreciation for just how much business might be getting done at this thang.

Until then, keep your drawers dry. I'm off to swim (ew!)/shower/go out/drink.

Work trips are kind of awesome.

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