Thursday, June 19, 2008

There’s no business like show business

Does anybody watch So You Think you Can Dance?

(<------zombie dancers think they can...)

How about Survivor (is that even ON anymore)?

The Amazing Race?

Dancing With The Stars?

Or any one of the myriad other ‘reality’ teevee shows that are on the air nowadays?

I don’t. Well, technically that’s a lie, because I do watch the cop shows that largely feature drunk people doing stupid shit, but the competition-type shows are so far off my radar that I have a hard time working up the energy to say ‘meh’ when someone mentions them. Why is this, I wonder? Would I get so invested in the outcome of each show that I would become a nervous wreck awaiting the outcome of the show every week? Probably. Would I become so attached to a particular cast member that I’d become outraged if they should get cut from the show, even if they DIDN’T deserve to win? Also probably. Would I become so enraptured of the ebb and flow and dynamic of the show that I’d lose grip with reality and supplant my real world with the glitz of the show, forgoing other pursuits in favor of following the competition? In all likelihood, yes.

I watched “The Amazing Race” for a while several years back, when we had only one teevee station to watch (long story, some other time), and I did indeed get to the point that I looked forward to the show, sat on the edge of my seat during each race, felt my blood boil when the ‘wrong’ team won, shared in the frustrations of the teams that couldn’t get out of their won way to make it to a goal. The level to which one might become involved in the onscreen lives of heretofore nameless strangers is amazing, and I did become very involved.

It made me a nervous mess to watch the shows, so I quit. I am not by nature competitive, unless I’m winning, and trying to guess which team was going to win so I didn’t have to be nervous and tense was killing me. Heck, I’m the kind of person who reads ahead in murder mysteries to find out ‘who done it’ so I can go back and read the book in peace, the outcome assured, and the story therefore able to be focused on. I do not at all care for the stress that come with an unknown outcome.

For this reason I also do not watch a lost of sports. Waiting for the end of the game is killer.

What am I missing by NOT watching these shows, and instead filling my meager teevee watching time with “How it’s Made” or “Mythbusters” or “Most Extreme Car Chases”? Can anyone sell me on the notion of reality teevee?

I’d like to see you try.


Note to self: before the next middle school band concert, invest in some black shoes and sox for the Things. Those athletic sox Thing 1 was wearing stood out like a nerd flag against the well-shod hooves of his bandmates, and that boy doesn't need any further ID in the nerd department.


You would think that if someone poops at work, they’d at least have the courtesy to not leave the evidence thereof besmirching the bowl, wouldn’t you?

It’s obvious they flushed, but…..the flushing wasn’t all that needed to be done.

I think I’ll petition the facilities group to purchase toilet brushes for our shared facilities. Somehow, peeing in a toilet that someone else just pooped in creeps me out. They could learn a few lessons from this guy (who apparently thinks cleaning toilets is both necessary AND funny!).

And they used the nice big handicapped stall too, which is even more irksome. Don’t they know that stall is MINE?


Went out last night for wings n’ beer. Fekking yum. Hanging out at the local bar, such as it is, isn’t something I do on a regular basis, but the occasional night out is fun.

12 wings is twice too many though. Especially after the spinach dip and beer. And Galaga (which I’ve lost my touch at in the long time since I played it regularly. I blame the beer. Certainly it can’t be diminished reaction time due to age and the resultant injuries I’ve heaped on my brain since I was a 20-year-old video game queen.).
If that bar had Tempest, I’d be there far more regularly. Never was a better video game invented, IMHO. The trackball was an innovation, the fire key was much more responsive than other games, and there was absolute MAYHEM to be wreaked on the enemy craft coming up the wormhole. Much fun. Maybe I should petition the new bar owners to get Tempest, since I’m in such a petition-y mood. I’m sure they’d listen to ME, their twice-a-year customer….right?


Hey y’all, it’s been great, but I’ve got to go now and follow up some meetingly stuff from this morning, get ready for this afternoon while eating lunch, try to finish up research for next week’s presentation, and not go stark-raving mad about the fact that today is a perfect day to go play outside and I can't because all of the above.

Hope you have a souper day!

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