Friday, June 13, 2008

The one without a point, or a title.

A new admin was hired in my department a few months ago. Nice enough woman, cute lil’ hairdo, lots of experience. Vibrantly colored clothing with perfectly matching shoes and jewelry. Lots of outfits, very well decked out in an early 80’s kind of color palette. She seemed kind of interesting in her sweet ol’ Southern gal kinda way.

Then she started to move into her cube.

The cat pictures were first. Then more pictures of cats. HER cats. Lots of cats.

Then the cat figurines. Lots of little figurines. Silly little cat figurines. Did I mention there were lots of them?

Then the plants. Many many plants.

Then, the kiss of death. A picture of herself in full clown makeup. Hung on the OUTSIDE of her cube, not in the private inside corner where only the person sitting the ‘guest’ chair could see and be scared by, oh no. Right out on the outer wall, where anyone walking by is able, nay, FORCED, to see it.

I’m pretty sure now that she’s off the potential friends list. It’s strictly business from this point on. You just never know what a clown in drag might be capable of.



Black widows.





Someone tell me again why I moved to North Carolina?


I have a friend who says something ‘blows’ when most people would say it sucks. I find this highly amusing, and endlessly charming. She’s also not afraid to drop the F-bomb in regular conversation. Also part of her charm. I get to see her for the first time in a year in a half when I go to a conference in a couple of weeks. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

Speakinnawhich, I got that preseantation done a full 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Actually, I got it done 4 hours ahead, but then my boss called in with a few (hundred) minor changes in the slide deck, and so because I am a good employee I incorporated those few (hundred) changes and then uploaded again.

I’m a fan of the uploading. Technology is neat.

Sometime in the next two weeks I need to learn about the subject matter I made a presentation of. Just in case anyone wants to get smart and start asking questions.


Upper Midwest flooding forces evacuations, floods roads

Guess they'll have to Field and Stream to get out, being as how it appears as though only the roads are flooded.

NASA: Metal clip fell off shuttle but not problem

Would have been nice if the problem fell off instead.

Woman arrested in cold case has other dead spouses

It's the three LIVE ones that are causing her trouble.

Study sees discrepancies in VA care for men, women

The men weren't getting their yearly Pap smears, and that's troubling.

And one just for the freak factor:

CORRECTED: Leader of body parts ring apologizes in court

He desecrated Alistair Cooke's body. Kill him now.


Gott go y'all. the phone's been ringing vivaciously as I've written this, and I must go see what people want of me. All this work is interefering with my playtime, and I don't care for it one tiny bit.

Have youselves a terrific weekend.

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