Monday, June 02, 2008

He's been holding out

Apparently Nibbler the puppy DOES know how to wag his tail.

We haven't seen much of this behavior, because it occurs at approximately 2:30 a.m. each and every day, when he's determined that it's his designated time to play.

THIS morning, his internal alarm went off as per schedule, and because there was nobody awake to play with him, he decided to rectify that situation by shoving a small wet cold nose up my personal BUTT, which is certainly a most novel way to wake up. Not immediately unpleasant, but quickly becomes so once the grogginess clears and what one might dreamily have thought to be the ardent hands of an imaginary George Clooney instead turns out to be the nasal region of a small dog. THAT smacks of bestiality, and I draw the line of "things that might interest me" somewhere far north of there.

Be that as it may, it was hard to turn down the entreaties of one small dog. There he was, paws up on the mattress, tail a-waggin', happy as he could be to have someone up and responding. So cute. I let him nibble on my hand a while, petted him, then told him to go lie down, Mommy wanted to sleep.

Nibbler, it must be said right now, does not understand English. It is far and away his second language, the first being dog, at which he's only marginally familiar. Really - I think I've heard him bark ONCE. Therefore, my request to be allowed to return to somnolence was greeted with a hearty "Wha?" by the Nibs, and a resurgence of finger-gnawing, which was quickly losing its charm as a means of bonding.

Thus is was that Nibs was evacuated from the bedroom to find amusement elsewhere. I hope the feline population of the house appreciated that.

His other favorite time to play is when a human is using the smallest room to do a little offloading, if you get my drift. It clear he prefers a captive audience. Or maybe he just likes the smell of butt groceries, who knows?


I think I had the healthiest brefess evar this morning. Really! Blueberry smoothie and some kind of cereal with nuts and husks in. With blueberries on top. Healthy, right?

Good thing too, because something good was needed to counterbalance the 20 gazillion Gobstoppers I ate last night while watching the first half of "Ocean's Eleven." Mmm, Gobstoppers. Impossible to eat the way Willie Wonka intended, because once the first layer of yummy goodness is sucked off, it's CRUNCHING TIME!

I have no patience for sucking ALL the layers off, you see. I want ALL FLAVORS AT ONCE ,and I want them now. Veruca Salt's got nothing on me and the Gobstoppers. Or mints, Lifesavers, lollipops, etc etc. Also ice, though I do a lot less ice crunching now that my gums have decided it's time to begin seceding from my teef. The getting old cannot be stopped; only my approach to life can change. Therefore, not so much with the ice.

QoTD then: Are you a sucker or a cruncher? Tell us about it, won't you?

And have a wonderful day.

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