Monday, June 16, 2008

The age-old question….in technnicolor!

What’s the age-old question, you ask?

Today, it’s “why do I not know that three cocktails is not necessarily better than two?”

I should know this by now, but at a certain point the WHEE factor takes over and by golly if two was good then three, and possibly four, would be way better, and then if you think that maybe the four was enough but you’re still thirsty, then maybe a beer would cap off the night perfectly, which works for about 8 hours, after which time you wake up and realize the WHEE factor has transmogrified into the “OMG where’s the ibuprofen and a bucket” factor, which isn’t nearly as fun but is the price to be paid for all the WHEE.

I’m 46 years old, and still don’t know how to party properly, even if I DO have the answer to the age-old question. More practice, obviously, is needed.


There’s a guy in Cedar Rapids who has two cats. Their names are Fry and Bender. This is a guy I could totally hang out with.

How do I KNOW there’s a guy in Cedar Rapids with cats by those names? There was a picture of him on Yahoo today evacuating them from this flooded home. (that last one is a sentence that needs reworking. Feel free to do so; my brain hurts too much to try it)

If he should meet a girl who has two cats named Leela and Amy, they should get married.

The people, not the cats.


There’s a bookcase in my bedroom now. I think it holds about half the books in the Tiny House. That is the half of the books that were piled on the armoire in the kitchen, on one of the kitchen chairs, the end table that is not an end of anything in the bedroom, and on the floor of the bedroom.

There are many many books in the Tiny House, some of which now have a home.

This is a good thing, a mature thing, an “I live here” thing, and it makes me happy. In addition, gone are a good quarter of my clothes, which is ALSO a good thing. Those clothes are the clothes I don’t wear, can’t fit into, are outdated, or are those “I think I might wear that….someday” kinds of things that were part of the reason my closet broke last week. It feels good to have them out of there.

I’m taking bets of when I actually get them out of the kitchen and out to the Goodwill dropoff.


I could go on and on about nothing much in particular (y'all know), but it's meeting time, I’m out of here to go… Have a terrific day, mmkay? XO, Tiff.

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