Friday, May 02, 2008


First off, let me say that I'm very very proud of myself for finding a polling website that DOES WHAT I WANT IT TO without any fancy-pantsedness of signing up for an account, making navigation completely un-understandable (which rather begs the question: if something is 'understandable,' then what does 'derstandable' mean?), or, worst of all, not pasting correctly into Blogger so that the poll that was so lovingly created lies there like a jumbled lump of hopes and dreams...

So, thanks Y'all rawk the casbah.

So, moving on to the meat n' taters portion of this post, THE CHOICES for the next Wordsmiths story prompt!

Da-da-dah-DAAAAAH!!!!! Yay!

Numero Uno:

A VERY happy aliigator.

Nummer Zwei:

An adorable, yet, topsy turvy, baby duck.

Number three:

A painting (I suspect by Malach himself, tho he doesn't admit to it in his linkafication, more's the pity) with religious overtones named "Jihad I."

Item 4:

A set of bathtub hardware that Pete Wentz oughtta have, they're so emo.

Choice 5:

The "spidersuit" lady that my Mom thought was ME. Oh my, the chuckle we had over that one...

Now, CHOOSE! But only once, for the poll, she knows if you've voted before, and only until Sunday. My poll, MY RULES. Mwuahahahaaa!!!

What's the next Wordsmiths prompt? free polls
And then have a great day.

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