Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My day, in three letters.


RUN to the computer by 6 a.m. to make the zip files to fling some work over to the UK.

RUN through the next 4 e-mail strings to follow up on white-hot monkey rush matters by 7.

RUN out an e-mail to the boss to rearrange a meeting for 10 because another meeting is already in the place the first meeting was supposed to be.

RUN to the coffee pot - refresh with caffeine!

RUN to the shower to race through the bathing.

RUN around the house to catch the puppy to put him out to make him go.

RUN to the car to get to work to start the computer to check the e-mail to send off new notes to remind me to do XYZ by 10.

RUN to the second/first meeting to present updates on white-hot monkey rush project 2.

RUN to the first-second meeting to update boss on WHMR projects 1-10, and normal rush projects alpha through zed.

RUN back home to wait for the refrigerator people.


I'm not fit enough for this life. Not at all. The worst of it is, all the running is mostly done on my ASS, so it's not reaping any of the benefit of the mental exercise. That, my friends, is a crying shame.


NC elections - over. I voted. I voted with very little idea of who I was going to vote FOR, because I have not done my research and thus was filling in boxes in the very worst way, which is to do it on name basis only. It's a suck-ass way to vote, but I did it, and because I wasn't going to vote in the primary because, let's face it, I'm horrifically uninformed, at least the vote I cast in full knowledge of the person for whom I was casting my vote counted for something.

So, civic responsibility attained, albeit half-heartedly.


I need puppy tips, y'all. The dog is simply not warming up to human contact. What to do? How to get him used to the fact that we're not out to harm him in any way? He's skittish and shy and fearful, and I'm not happy about this.


Also? When you follow the advice to use a pumice stone on your feet as often as you condition your hair, a marvelous thing happens....those awful dried-up nasty-looking calluses on the the aforementioned feet GO AWAY.

I've worn sandals all this week in celebration.


This post brought to you by the letter R and 10 minutes of my life. Hugs to all - I gotta RUN!

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