Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh Dear God...what you all have done

THIS is what you people voted for as the next Wordsmithsunlimited story prompt.

What's the next Wordsmiths prompt?
A happy aliigator 19%5
An upside-down duckling 15%4
A painting with religious overtones 19%5
A set of emo bath hardware 15%4
The spidersuit lady that my Mom thought was me. 33%9
27 votes total

What is WRONG with y'all? Yeesh!


Thanks to all who took the time to click over and vote. I have to say that it was a load off my mind, the not having to make a decision thing...

So then - now that you've voted, why not consider writing? It's 500 words of pure fun, after all.


Drum sander, belt sander, orbital sander.

My favorite is the orbital. It's not as scary as the drum sander, and it doesn't require cowboy-like skillz to wrangle like the belt sander. My ARMPITS hurt from the wrangling, y'all, and I didn't even do that much of it!

Or maybe it was from the paint scraping, or tennis-ing. Anyhow - armpit pain is SO not good. Makes languorous stretches most difficult indeed.


The puppy is beginning to answer to "Nibbler." He is also the laziest damn dog on the face of this earth. Is it normal for a puppy to sleep 22.5 hours a day?

Also, I'm still waiting for him to wag his tail, just once. This is not so much of a happy-go-lucky pooch (can puppies be autistic? If so, I think I have one. If not, we'll just call him 'antisocial'), and so the wagging is still not a milestone. DO puppies even wag their tails? When he runs around in the backyard he's all smiley and the tail is straight up, but once he comes back inside it's tail down and he's looking for a place to go to sleep.

Sigh....I was SO hoping for a cuddly bouncy puppy, and I got one for whom the perfect day would be spent in the apartment next to Greta Garbo.

TELL me he'll be OK, won't you?


Another thing - how is it that when a 10-pound cat sleeps on your head, he feels like he weights 50 pounds?

Albert decided that my cranium would make the BESTEST EVER sleeping spot early this a.m., and I awoke to a head bedecked with hot My skull was practically being crushed under the weight of the adoring feline, causing me to have some very strange 'just before awakening' type dreams involving large hats and handcuffs. Not even the GOOD kind of handcuff dream, either.

So, sleeping with the bedroom door open? Never again.


That's all for today folks - have to git into work to grind my nose a little further as grist for the mill of productivity.

Mmmm, nose grist. Hey - Isn't that what they call 'boogers' in the old country?

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