Friday, May 09, 2008

Get out the tissues

Hollywood? I dare you to write one better than this. (thanks Puffhead for sending me the link)

Go on, read, be inspired. I'll be back later with more.


Is it later yet? Good, because I just watched this and HAD to post a link. At almost 7 minutes long, it will take some fierce powers of focus on YOUR part to navigate fully, but if you stick with it you might just learn something about our feline friends, and their possible contribution to the global energy crisis.

How to care for cats an engineer.

More later-later, I'm pretty sure of it.


OK - here we are at the later-later bit, which won't be all that interesting BUT will help me spread the word of today's truth, which is as follows:



I woke up this morning with an inflamed girly bit, most likely due to some pube that has decided to ingrow its wicked little self after my latest shearing session. Hot damn it hurts. Currently, if you're interested, the inflammation is about the size of a marble; not the Big Daddy kind, but the littler ones that get whacked out of the playing field by the Big Daddy ones.

I'd like y'all to know right now that if this thing reaches Big Daddy proportions (and my God, isn't here a NAME for the Big Daddy marbles?), you can be sure I'm heading to home and a hot washcloth, because at that Big Daddy point my delicate Princess Parts are going to be all I can think about.

This is probably TMI, but I'm pretty careful about my netherscaping. All the care in the world won't stop things from sometimes going...awry, and I'm left with issues like this. This kind of issue is, quite honestly, what scares me away from waxing, because that shit pulls the hair out by the ROOTS, and I can just see my body saying 'oh no you di'int just yank out my hairs by the roots, bitch! Oh, you wait, we gonna give YOU something to cry about nay-yow! All them hairs you just yanked out? They're INgrowing from now own!"

My body is a little inner city when it gets mad.

If I was an underwear-wearing type of girl, I'd be going without today. There are just some things that cannot be tolerated, and elastic pressing on an inflamed and very tender private area is tops of the list for today.

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