Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wench me, Dan-o!

Dudes - there was such a call for leather bustiers and general bawdiness in response to my Ren Fair costume question yesterday that I can't argue with what appears to be a quorum.

Therfore, I am now in search of a wench costume. But....which wench will it be? Beer wench? Tavern wench? Kitchen wench? Adjustable wench? Obvs the boobage will be a factor, for wenches are famous for breastal interest and ample giftage, and I pretty much fit that bill (tho there were some wenches at the Ren Fair that are far more gifted than me, poor lasses), but beyond displaying the girls in a manner to which I am NOT accustomed, what else accessorizes a wench?

Long skirts, of the voluminous variety; which is an idea I like very very much. Some kind of head garb, also an idea I'm fond of. No fairy wings - another HUGE plus.

So, I could almost put this outfit together from what's already in my CLOSET, which rocks the financial house. Just need to get me some period-appropriate shoes; a cleave-enhancing, waist-nipping kind of top thing; and some kind of hat action going on, and I'll be a wench as bawdy as they come.

Now, if all that could come in BLACK, I could be the world's first Ninja Wench, which you'll all agree I'm sure is an idea whose time has come.


Just came from 4 hours of training on how to survive the performance review process. Obviously, no news was generated THERE.


Here's a sentence I never even thought I'd one day utter: "I'm tired of hearing about the elections in Zimbabwe."

If you listen to NPR, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's like 2000 and 2004 all over again...only with someone else's country, which makes it even MORE uninteresting.


Lastly, I leave you with this, and a question: genius, or just plain creepy? Discuss, and have a fine day.

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