Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paper's thin, but in bulk it can kill

(for the second time in two days, Blogger did not save my edits to a post, even though I clicked on "SAVE." Do you know how frustrating this is? Gah!!!!)

Let’s move right into the questions, in an effort to keep the torrent of information flowing from my brain like a refreshing spring rainstorm, or, perhaps more correectly, like a deluge of thick muddy river water during a flash flood…

These hyar are from db grin, who di’int leave a URL like a good lil’ commenter oughtta, the steenker:

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

Before I can answer this question, I need to know one thing: African or European?

Would you rather be an astronaut or a figure skater?

Pros for astronaut – hella cool job, free trip to space, the gadgets!

Pros for figure skater – kinda cool job, great legs.

Cons for both – itchy outfits, long years of training, short professional lifespan.

While the thought of having great legs is enticing, I’m going to have to go with astronaut on this one, because the GADGETS! Remote-controlled robotic arms moving tons of payload around, the spacewalks, the beep-boop control panels, the fancy cameras and such! How awesome. Plus which? In zero gravity my hair would look killer-hot.

You've been invited to help colonize Mars. Do you accept?

Yes. See answer to previous question. I’m hoping that I can bring along friends and family though.

What flavor of ice cream do you wish they offered in your grocery store?

Snozzberry. I’m 30+ years into wondering what snozzberries taste like.

You've drunk an invisibility potion that works for 24 hours. What are 3 things you would do?

Oh my goodness! A dream come true!
1) strip nekkid and run around hollering batshiat crazy stuff.
2) Put my clothes back on and skulk around elementary school playgrounds and spooky old homes, just a bunch of clothes lurching around scaring the wits out of children and the easily manipulated
3) Take the clothes back OFF, and randomly kiss strangers, just to see what their reactions are.

There are so many MORE things to do when one is invisible…..men’s locker rooms for one, being a disruptive force in libraries for two, acting out in many obnoxious ways for three, possibly infiltrating a terrorist meeting for four, farting loudly just to piss people off for five, and so many more options. Maybe I’d even go to work, stand behind my cubemate, and let one rip right in his face. Maybe while he’s eating. Yeah, that might have to move to the TOP of the list.

This next from ll, who also did not leave his URL, but if you click on “Lord Loser” over there on the right you’ll get to his place on the web, by gum!

If you could murder someone and face absolutely no repercussions in this earthly life, would you?

I don’t think so. No repercussions in this earthly life sound fine, but it’s what comes after that I’ve got some serious concerns about. I might though be very very wicked to a very very bad person if I didn’t have to worry about any sort of punishment. Hand me any random child molester and get out of my way!

How did you get hooked on Farscape?

One word: D’Argo.

And this from Rennratt:

What be yer theme song? Do ye have more than one?

I do not have a theme song! I did not know I needed one! This now concerns me. Hmmm, maybe this would do.

Or this.

What would YOU suggest my theme song be, oh dear reader? Alternatively, what is yours? Do leave suggestions and answers in the comments, and have a great day. It’s time for me to go back to being immersed in work. Woo-hoo.

More Q n' A tomorrow, I just bet you can't wait.

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