Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh, why not?

It's been a while since we've gone into the fray of the newsroom here at NAY. Time to change that, don't you think? Let's take a quick look at today's headlines then!

FDA takes closer look at complaints from Lasik customers

Presumably the closer look is because the FDA ain't had the Lasik themselves yet.

Some young religious voters focus on social justice

Some old religious voters, several non-religious voters, many middle-aged pagans and atheists, as well as almost ALL the aging hippies do too.

(File this under 'non-story,' IMHO)

McCain to New Orleans: Never again

"Because my friends, six Hurricanes in them tall plastic glasses in one night is just too damned much, is what I'm sayin'. Never, EVER again. Ouch, my head."

Study says near extinction threatened people 70,00 years ago

But the people 70,000 years ago didn't understand the near extinction, so it left, frustrated at its inability to make them cower in fear.

Scanning world's every book means turning many, many pages

See Dick scan. Scan Dick, scan!

Stressed out? Turmoil takes a toll on diet, exercise routine

I believe it's called "coping." Another non-news story.


And then, this picture of an exploding dog:

Just IMAGINE the shedding problems.


Note to self - next time South Park comes on just as you're about to switch off the teevee and go to bed, take the next step and actually turn off the tube. A repeat of last night's dreams in not recommended.


One last thing before I leave you to go about conquering this day...there will be a new Wordsmiths prompt up over the weekend. I kind of let it lag this month, and for that I apologize. By way of further atonement, I'm asking you to suggest a picture for the prompt. Send me a link to something you think would get the creative juices of the masses flowing like a river of milk n' honey, and on Sunday I'll make a totally random and completely unbiased pick form the virtual hat and post the new prompt.

Are you aquiver with excitement yet? Slavering with anticipation? Shaking with barely contained curiosity?

Me too, my friends. Me too. Have a great day, ya'll, and a wonderful weekend. I'm out!

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