Monday, April 21, 2008

My Weekend, in life lesson format.

Things I learned this weekend:

Installing drywall is not as easy as it might seem to be.

Drywall dust in your eye hurts like a futhamucka.

Corner bead is very important. Using the right tool to CUT cornerbead is also important, as it helps reduce frustration to almost zero. Tin snips...SHARP tin snips, are the way to go. I don't think it matters if they're left or right handed, but I could be wrong. I'm still learning, yo.

I LIKE doing construction work, getting all drywall dusty and construction adhesive-y and a little schweaty. It’s a nice change from sitting in a cubicle all day long.

People who bring their intact males dogs to a dog park and don't physically pull the dog off when it starts humping another dog should be taken out into the streets and publicly anally probed, just to see how THEY like unwelcome advances. Also? If they’re going to behave so irresponsibly as to NOT pull their dog off and provide him some other entertainment to get his randy mind off the attractive bitch who just bounded through the gate, the least they could do is not wear their “God Squad” tee shirts to the park, because I’m pretty sure it’s not giving ye olde Christian church a great name to have the advertising adherent’s canine raping another dog while they laugh at his antics. Grrrrrrrr.

Tennis gets better the better you get at it. Imagine that. Two varieties of tennis that aren’t the “regular” version have been helping my nascent game immensely. The first is “short ball” and the second is “long ball.” Short ball is played using only the front halves of each side of the court – it teaches you finesse, and is a little less tiring than the regular tennis (lots less running around, you see). Long ball is quite possibly a new invention – you and your partner stand at opposite ends of two side-by-side courts and whack the snot out of the ball back and forth to one another. Takes the whole net issue right out of the game, and builds strength. Also, it’s hella fun to slam that ball around after the regular game launches aggravation to stratospheric heights. (Holy stratospheric HEIGHTS, Batman! the picture is real - some hotel in Dubai hosted a cupla tennis pros to play on their sky-high court back in '05. Y'all, all's I can say is you'd best have great aim and control if you're playing up there...because retriving a ball gone over the fence would be a tricky biz indeed)

Bojangles makes what is quite possibly the best sweet tea ever.

My Mom once mailed a sock to a hotel chain to illustrate to them how filthy the carpet in her room was. Heh.

The living room in the Tiny House looks WAY better with a new area rug in it than without.

Cats seem to think that new carpets are wrestling mats and lounge pads made just.for.them.

New wiper blades rock.

The Stonewood Grill serves awesome blue-cheese chips. With a balsamic vinegar reduction. SRSLY. Teh Yumz.

And, when I have the gift of focus, I can do several hours worth of workly work in 2. A shame that focus is such an elusive beast, isn’t it?

That about all the lessons I learned this weekend. What’d YOU learn?

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