Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was wrong, imagine that.

I said yesterday that there would be more Q&A today, but no. Nope - I've gone and answered all the questions.

(and Ron? I'm not going to send you any pictures. That's between me and ETW... ;>)

So, I guess today's post will be about something else.


After a many-year delay, I've started to play my horn again. BADLY. My goodness, but the bad is rampant. The only bits of the horn's range in which I sound any good at all are the ones below middle C.

Dudes, there are two whole octaves above middle C that I suck at. This does not make me happy. The valves are clunky (even though I oiled them), I can't play a chromatic scale to help myself, and the horn just feels funny. I never thought the day would come when playing felt awkward, but it's kinda like welcoming home a lover who's been away a long time - you KNOW you like them, you just have to get used to them again.

One thing that's weird is that I can now slur like a mofo, and slurring was my weak point when I could really play. ("Slurring" refers to changing notes without changing fingering or using your tongue to start and stop. Which BOTH sound rather like naughty things to do, but you know musicians, they're a naughty naughty bunch, always with the double entendre and whatnot).

So I can slur, even when sober. Go me. I just need to find me an oompah band that needs the "pah," because right now that's about all I'm good for. Tiff - Mistress of the Pah!

(<------- Now THAT would make a great Renn Fair costume. Something along these lines, don't you think?)


Why is it that it's only when my cube neighbors are around that my stomach starts up a holler? Holy crow, my gut is making noises that are normally reserved for creaking ships! It sounds like I'm at sea in there, the lines straining against the sails, great wheel groaning against the wind....which, I think, is what's going to happen next.....the great wind.

I blame chicken saag. All that spinach has gut my intestines Popeyed out, and they're gurgling and squishing like real champs.

Oh, hey! Guess what I brought for LUNCH? That's right. More saag. It ought to be a very interesting afternoon.


Have you ever gotten to a point with your job at which you lose track of all the stuff you're supposed to be doing? When all the projects on which you're supposed to be working start swirling around, getting tangled up in each other, blurring team members and goals and timelines until you're hard pressed to remember just exactly what you DO for a living?

I'm at that point right now. It's insane, with no end in sight. If I make it through June with my sanity and job intact, it will be something of a surprise.

Throw me a pity party in the comments, won't you? And have a great day.

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