Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bamboo pod racers (updated with cool video!)

I bought a pair of bamboo pillow cases yesterday. You hear me, BAMBOO. 400-thread count bamboo in a nice mocha color; they feel like cool silk on the skin.

Naturally, now that I know the comfort ‘oomph’ of the pillowcases, I would like to have a whole set of sheets made of this luxurious smooth fabric, but because they’re priced at something like a million dollars a set (hey - the pillowcases cost 25 bucks!) I might have to do a little savin’ before I do a little spendin’.


That being said, I went a little spendy and purchased a salwar kameez the other night online. The time had come to make that move, because this big ol’ white chick somehow thinks that the salwar kameez will be comfy and look nice and be rather a lovely change from the ordinary outfits she wears on a daily basis, which really look a whole hell of a LOT like salwar kameezes do, only without the flair. It’s time for the flair to re-enter my life, y’all, so therefore the salwar kameez.

I got THIS one, if you’re interested.

In black, because working up to full-on flair is going to take a while.


On the commute this morning a truck passed by me making a distinctive rumbling noise that took me a few minutes to parse out where I’d heard it before. Once the low chords of recognition had been struck, it occurred to me how deep my geekly roots grow, for the sound I most identified that truck with was this:

Sebulba’s Pod Racer.

Yes folks, you read that right - I do indeed make similes in daily life that refer to sci-fi movies. To be more exact, I construct simlies that refer to SOUND BITES from sci fi movies, which perhaps makes it worse, but, seriously, who among us hasn’t likened someone’s braying laugh to Chewbacca’s howl, or has breeped the Jetson’s space car noise from time to time to amuse small children?


Here’s the thing that’s irking me right now – I looked far and wide for a sound bite of Sebulba’s pod racer to play here, with no luck. Which leads me to ponder, why isn’t there a sound file on the interwebs that contains audio of the pulsing thrust of the twin engines of doom? Come ON, the internets contain everything else in almost the whole known universe, and not one lousy mp3 or wav file of an imaginary pod racer driven by a half-dragon who walks on this HANDS? People, please. I refuse to believe it, but I’ve simply run out of time to search, and so am relying on YOU, dear readers, to come across with that goods.

There’s a guest post in it for ya, if that turns your crank.

UPDATE! CADude has come across with the awesomee goodly goods - the whole pod race scene, complete with crashes, explosions, mayhem, and SOUND EFFECTS! Woohoo!!!!!! Thanks, Dude!

Have a great day folks. I’ve got to get back to beatin’ back the alligators.

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