Thursday, March 27, 2008

To answer your questions

Yes, I did indeed have a talk with the HR guy about my cube neighbor, the Pharter. Dudes - it was hysterical. I never knew there were so many alternate words for "fart," until I had to start talking to the GLOBAL HEAD OF HR about it. Point for me: it was the first time he's ever had this knd of conversation, with anyone. Woot!

Bottom line is that I should talk to the Pharter directly about how his gaseous emissions affect me, and how his anal antics signal a clear disrespect for people in his immediate area.

Yeah, that'll work well. Take one Tiff, who avoids confrontation like it's made of screaming babies covered in prickers (which, no doubt, is why they're screaming), mix with one ass-blaster, and see if anything happens. I'm betting no.

I'm also betting that the new guy, a foreign-born statsmaster who was put in the cube right BEHIND the Pharter, will have something ot say about it if it should ever some to pass that Mister Stinkybritches lets one (or TWO, like yesterday!) go. Heh - I already know that the Pharter hates being in a cube, and that he's insulted that the new guy was put in the cube rightbehind him, so I'm guessing that he's going to try to make life miserable for the new dude. I'm really REALLY hoping that new dude has none of that action and takes up my banner before I have to whack the Pharter in the head with it.

Because dudes? It's getting so very close to me doing just exactly that.


I was thinking actually of getting a fake e-mail address and sending the Pharter a little note about his activities. Would that work, so you think?

What other kinds of behind-the-scenes sneakiness can I engage in that could torment the guy without being illegal/dangerous/flat out stupid? I get the sense that this guy is an aggressor and will take over whatever he can by any means necessary, and I can't have that.

Because I was there first.

Send along your suggestions for passive-aggressive warfare in the comments, won't you?


And with that, I bid you bonjour! Adieu, adieu, to you and you and yoo-hoo! I have a work date at the local funplex this afternoon. Yeah - my life is rough...


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