Monday, March 03, 2008

Someone changed my background color

So, I go into Blogger today and instead of the lovely sand background color to the editing pane, there is now some kind of robin's egg blue shade going on there, and I have to say I don't care for it one tiny little bit.

A couple of food items to start us off here:

We made
Tracy Lynn's Dad's cheese dip last night, which she gave me the secret recipe for yesterday and which you now must all rush over to her blog to beg her for, because it is a SECRET ya'll and I therefore I cannot divulge it here, but let me tell you that it's worth risking a spooning for. And not the GOOD kind of spooning either.'s THREE ingredients...and tastes like pure heaven when galooshed over some tacos. Hellaciousy yum.

Also, there's big discussion over at
Mahala's about 'kilt' lettcue salad. Don't ask me why people put their veggies in little pleated plaid skirts, I'm from German /Irish/English stock, and as such, lettuce was washed with Thousand Island or blue cheese dressing and eaten RAW and screaming. Dressing it up didn't occur to us, ever. Barbarians, we are.

An item related to the Tiny House and my propensity for keeping "things":

After moving into a 4-room house, I have come to the following conclusion: I have way too much "memory" stuff.

Spent about 4 hours yesterday afternoon going through box after box of kids' school papers, photos, things from my deep dark past (including a card with a rabbit riding a flying turtle's back on the front, which reads "I'd really love to see you again, The Phantom" inside. I have no idea who that's from, and why I keep is it a mystery, except maybe I like to haul things out every once in a while that indicate to me that at one point in my life someone who may or may not have been a superhero really wanted to get together with me for a repeat rendezvous, because apparently I was insipring or just plain too good for a mere one-night stand), old clothes, Christmas ornaments, etc etc, and fitting them into 8 large Rubbermaid tubs that slide neatly onto the shelving unit that now sits behind the door in the bedroom, effectively hiding my past in plain sight for the lack of any extra storage in the Tiny House.

That was TOO one sentence. I amaze myself.

I got rid of 2 large garbage bags of redundant schoolwork that no longer plucks my Mommy heartstrings quite as strongly as when the towheaded child first brought it home in his wee little backpack, of old stationary that I see no use in keeping because I no longer write actual letters, of artwork done by the precious hands of my wonderful sons that bore no timestamp or proof of the artist's identity (can't tell who did it or when? chuck it! was my motto), of bizarre 'knick-knackery' that I don't forsee ever using, of flotsam and jetsam, dross and detritus.

However.....I kept ALL the pictures. They will be the first thing I grab if there is ever an emergency at the Tiny House and I need to get out in a hurry.

The bottom line of all this drudgery is that my life is becoming less complicated, piece by piece. Yes, it hurt to relegate to the garbage those sheaves of papers that bore evidence of the Things' early scholastic efforts, but you can be sure I kept plenty of stock in store of similar items for them to sift through once they get old enough to be nostalgic. By then, I'm sure I'll have at least 8 MORE tubs of stuff accumulated, holding bits and pieces of moments in time, attempting to hold together their histories.

At the VERY least, I'll have enough reference material for a couple of good books.


Leg update:

I do believe it's all better. Three weeks after having surgery, there are only 4 deep purple hash marks on the inside of the left knee left as reminder of the scope of what was done. There is no pain. I no longer limp. The icky rubber-bandy stretchy feeling I had last week is a mere memory. And as an extra bonus, the discolored yucky spidery veiny things that besmirched my ankle and foot? GONE! I'm as amazed by this as I am that I no longer have the Varicose Andes coursing down my leg. Can't wait until shorts season gets here. This year, I might wear some.


And how was YOUR weekend?

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