Friday, February 08, 2008

What to do, what to do...

So, it's Friday. Yay!

But the Yahoo headlines, which I would normally riff on, stink today. They're all full of doom and gloom and properly-worded snippets of almost-news, and I'm not the mistress of snark anyhow today, this being yet another hella busy day at work so I can't work (!) up the creativity it's going to take me to mangle what's on offer into something even the least bit remotely humorous or clever.

So let's talk about PMS instead.

Don'tcha wanna? Huh?

........Are you telling me that NOBODY wants to hear about the bloating, the gassiness, the smouldering rage, the zits, the exhaustion, the ennui, the urge to kill anyone who happens to behave even the least little bit outside the rules of common decency?

Eh - me either. Living it is enough.


There is a kit's worth of dryer parts on my kitchen table. In order to fix the dreaded shriekly squeak of the dryer-ma-bob, it was determined that a new rear bearing set needs to be installed. "What the hell," I thought, "It's worth a DIY shot." The kit was only 80 bucks, which is cheaper by FAR than a new dryer would be, and even though I quasi-covet those front-loader gargantuan-capacity hot RED laundry sets that tart up the front of the kitchen section of the Home Despo, I am not currently in a financial position to secure anything LIKE that for the Tiny House, and so to the repair books I go. hard can it be? I have tools, some of which have batteries in them, and so between the hand-crankers and the zippy power whizzy things I should be able to knock out a bearing replacement in no time.


I'm still going to call in a friend or two to help, though, because nothing says "Happy Friday Night" like crouching over a hot dryer, right? It's party time! Come in, grab a wrench, let's get hoppin'! Woo!

I can sense your jealousy of my happenin' Friday nite plans now. Don't be jealous, my internetly pals, for you TOO can create a Friday night like mine simply by initiating a home repair or two just as soon as it gets dark out. That sounds like fun, right? Instead of cocktailing with friends or putting on your dancing shoes or settling in with a bottle of wine and a movie, you can break out the spanners and ratchets and go to TOWN, just like me. Just think of how much better you'll fele to know that my dryer won't squeak anymore!

And thanks for your support.


Lentil salad. Yum. Here's how:

Boil you up a mess of lentils until they're soft (don't ask ME for the proportions of water to lentils. It's on the BAG, man, do a little homework!). Drain.

To the piping-hot lentils add diced red and yellow peppers, red and white onions, salt and pepper, and a little oil and vinegar. Throw some chopped parsely in there, or maybe cilantro, cover the bowl, then set theworks into the fridge overnight to chill.

In the morning, pretend that it's lunchtime, and eat the lovely savory lentil salad, which has so much fiber and veg that you might just explode with virtue.

A few hours later, if you're anything like me, you'll discover the other virtue of the lentil salad. Bring matches.


That's all folks. It's time for a sitewide meeting on some skin disease or another (seriously!) and I must prepare by geting me a nice big cup of (FREE!) coffee. One can't have too much of that stuff before one goes into a meeting where dreaful dermal conditions are going to be shown in full color on a very large screen, now can one?

XO to you all - best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tennis is in my future again, I think. Why, I'm hardly in ANY pain from the last round anymore, which means of course that it's time to do it all over again. Be well, and I'll see you Monday.

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