Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Six, Sechs, Seis



TK, you wound me with you day-glo scenes of improbable clarity, candyfloss coloring, and thermal danger (all those fucking CANDLES, man!). You are evil in sheep's clothing.

This was found whilst searching for the below, and truly is a serendipitous stumble upon something so wrong on so many levels that it can only be classified as evil

If you don't know by now, spiders are the very definition of evil. Just imagine finding one in your hair and tell me I'm wrong.

The less said, the better, IMHO.

The SHOW, not necessarily the man. Oh what the hell, the man too.

Take the prissy little finger and shove it up your ass, you painted mute-elect. That'll keep you from bothering ME while I tryto eat/read/play/ignore YOU. Or is your finger already THERE, you naughty dirty perve, and that's why you look so surprised?

No noses at all. Big eyes. Pointy chins. They're not DOLLS, they're frigging ALIENS! One of them should come with the "anal probing" accesory pack. Fashion PixieZ my weathered ass, these things are here to snatch our children! Kill all Bratz! Kill! Kill!

As if the Bratz weren't bad enough, someone makes money selling paintings of scary young children with lemur eyes. Somebody, please, make them stop staring at me.

I am Beembo, the Travelling Perderast, and I'm here to EAT YOUR SOUL. Come on, take a balloon. Balllons are fun. You can breathe the silly air inside, and if you feel a little woozy, that's OK, I'll hold you. If your shirt needs to be unbuttoned so you can breathe, I can do that. I won't take off my gloves unless you ask me to. Oh yes, that's right, just pass out a little more so I can suck the life-force out of you and return you to your parents an empty husk. Come on, just a little closer....


The world is full of evil. This post too. But now it's over.

Have a nice day.

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