Thursday, February 07, 2008

No, YOU make my day

So, it seems as though the devil-girl background is rather a big hit. Therefore, I've decided to leave it up for a while longer. It's weird though, because IE plays that pic large, and FF plays it the size it's SUPPOSED to be, and it's making me nutz.

Whatever. I'm not losing any sleep over it. It's just a background, right? Those two hours I spent yesterday trying to get that f--ker to look JUST RIGHT weren't wasted, right? I learned that sometimes I just have to give up and let things be, right? I need to stop being such an uptight CONTROL FREAK, RIGHT???


God I hope so. It's killing me to have it two different ways. It upsets my inner balance a little, like having dishes that aren't stacked right.

Speaking of which, I did a double-sink's worth of dishes this morning, and was insanely proud of the way the drying rack looked when I was done. All the green bowls were lined up neatly, then the white bowls, then a pot lid, then the glass dinner plates, then the green plastic dinner plates. The red and green plastic cups alternated colors on the bottom of the rack, and overall it was a tidy festive little scene of domestic tranquility and happy HAPPY dishes.

Oh, the cutlery (does anyone USE that word anymore? If not, it's a pity) might have been better organized, because the silverware tends to get testy if they're sat upon by the spatulas, but there simply wasn't time or space to get them organized in such a way as to make them ALL content. I do hope they forgive me, and some random pissed-off fork doesn't try to stab me in the face while I'm having my dinner tonight. We shan't even speak of what the spoons can do, for we all know they are dangerous when in the right hands...

Where was I?

Oh yes, things that make my day. Like, um, happy dishes.

And this award!

Whee! An Award! I make someone's day, and by being told so they also made MY day, which is a Moebius loop of glee, a neverending trip around the twisted paths of yippee (note: I could have said 'whoopee,' but that might have struck the wrong note in this expression of gratefulness, and I can't have that when I'm in a Pollyanna moment (though mmm, 'twisted whoopee')) that is the interwebs. Yay!

Here's what my benefactress said about me:

Her blog, No Accent Yet, is a well-written, funny, and irreverant look at life through the eyes of a true Southern lady (who likes to laugh and make the best of things). She has a wonderful approach to both blogging and life.

(Heh - speaking of Moebius loops, I just linked my own blog. Will it cause the interwebs to implode? Stay tuned)

Look! I are a TRUE SOUTHERN LADY, y'all! It is cause for celebration when I'm deemed as such, for it's been a goal of mine for many many years. Seriously! I'm tickled as pink as I can be (some parts pinker, no doubt, but who's looking?) to be called out as such. Also? "Well-written" makes me giggle and blush, because that is high praise coming from BB. Also also? I'm glad to know that I'm regarded as someone who has a wonderful approach to blogging and life, though I wonder if that's still the case after the eeeeviiillll post of yesterTag.

Again I say whatever, because it's of no matter, forI HAVE the award. I have it. I.Have.It, and I'm not letting it out of my site. Sight. You know. Thanks Buzard Billy; for by saying I make your day, you made mine, and I've got the giddy on full speed ahead.

Except, I'm supposed to give it away too. To 10 people. TEN!!!! Why do they force me to give away that which makes me so very happy? Really, it's cruel, but I'm going to give it a shot and hand this out to 10 people who have not yet gotten it (as far as I know), as follows:

Ron - human interest doesn't begin to descibe him

Renn - so much anger wrapped up a nice warm soul. Any wonder I heart her?

WordNerd - do you even NEED to ask?

JC - simply brills, darling, and one of the best blogs you're not reading. Go fix that.

Kenju - like a glass of cool sweet tea on a hot afternoon.

Utenzi - if potpourri was a person, he's be the picture in the dictionary next to the word.

LL - Wirdflinger soopreme, with a side of awesome sauce.

Tracy - spoonflinger exptraordinaire, like a bitter ragining Twinkie (hey, SHE said it first!)

Brenda - queen of her own universe, and rightly so, I should say. You WANT to read her. Right now.

What they do with this major award, I do not know, but I sure hope they appreciate me breaking tiny pieces of whoop-dee-do offa MY award and chucking them out into the ether in their general direction!

Be well, my tiny bits of virtual honor, and find your place in this big world. I sure hope your new owners treat you as wonderfully as I did, for the few moments I could hold you close to me.

(Pause for a deep sigh, a dramatic wipe of tear from gleaming eye, a long moist look at their wee departing forms before turning away with slumped shoulders and heavy heart)

Hey, even chips off the non-literal wards deserve their moment of appreciation. Show some respect.


That's it for now y'all. Work beckons again, and I must go. After I take a walk. And go to the bank. And maybe balance my checkbook. Pay some bills. Make a couple of phone calls. THEN work, for sure.


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