Friday, February 15, 2008

Muthaeffing OW - Updated Saturday!

There will be new pictures of my totally gross and bruised leg later on today, if all goes well. I just got back from the bafroom to have a peek at why it hurts so freaking MUCH, and for all y'all sickos out there who have been enjoying my trip through recovery from daggone stupid varicose vein surgery, this ought to be your shining moment.

My God, it's awful.

Have a nice afternoon.


OK y'all. It's Saturday morning, and so I'm a little late on the whole gross picture thing. My apologies for the nightmares you missed out on having. See if this next thing works for tonight's nocturnal equines.

(See Tiff's leg, PLUS extra bonus special man-hands shot! Daggone I need a mani)

See all the lovely lovely bruising up there on the thigh? That's where the laser (please say that like Dr. Evil, mmkay?) was threaded up the greater saphenous vein and then where it blasted the vein to smokereens.

Those are HOLES on the inside of my knee. That's where the bulgy bits of veins were yanked through and snipped off.

Those little tape strips on my shin are where more veins were yanked and ligated.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far. Spectacular bruising is kind of awesome.

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