Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's 1:30 already?


This day has gotten away from me. For the first time since last Friday I'm working at work, and it's totally thrown me for a loop.

I'm back in the land of the cubicle, listening to Mister Cube Neighbor chew gum, pop bubbles, curse under his breath at his computer, take personal phone calls, and burp. Oh, and I can hear his intestines grumbling. It doesn't sound good, folks.

What to do? Well, I grumble my intestines right back AT him, is what. Then maybe I belch discreetly and all ladylike, say "excuse me," and go about my business. But I swear, if any odd smells come wafting from his corner of the cube farm, I'm out of here. I'll have the perfect excuse - "my leg needs to be elevated and I can't do that in my current office setup!"

AAMOF - It does hurt, a little. Is it any wonder why? Just LOOK at this!

It's really starting to turn a nice shade of yellowy-green, ain't it? Mmmm, all up the course of the vein to my groinal area, and the inside of the knee is just lovely. That big ol' purple bruise is spreading a little too, so I think it's a fairly impressive growth of ick over the last day or so. MmmmMM! Day 3 of recovery/convalescence/whining is going very well, thanks for asking.

It would be going a little better if I'd remembered to take the ibuprofen this morning. Things are just a tad tender. Me dum, fo sho.


SNOW this morning in NC. SNOW! Wooo!

Schools were cancelled in some places, which was a bone-head move if you ask me, because by 8 a.m. the roads were clear and dry, and only the bits of land that hadn't seen a touch of sun had any evidence of the meteorological phenomenon left.

By noon it was 50 degrees here. Went out for lunch sans jacket.

There are trees in bloom. My hydrangeas are leafing out. I've seen DAFFODILS, people. Spring is coming to the south, and only NOW does it decide to snow? Gah!


I used to have a bike. I do not anymore. Apparently someone thought they needed it more than me and went into my backyard, shopped among the three bikes that were out there, decided mine was the nicest one, and horked it.

Boy, were THEY wrong. Mine wasn't the best, by a long shot. Stupid thieves.

Even though it's not the best bike in the world, I would like to have it back, and you can BET that if I see anyone riding a teal-blue 18-speed cheapo WalMart LADIES bike around town I'm going to be stopping them and aksing a few questions. Really, how many people could have bought one just like that one, and how many people are capable of pedalling that heavy-ass bike more than a couple of miles? Not many, I'm guessing.

The other two bikes are now locked together, and also locked to the deck posts.

Thanks, dear neighbor who stole my bike. You suck.


A free hot tub sounds like a good idea, right?

I thought so too.


If I haven't mentioned this before, my cube backs up to a wall, on the other side of which is the company gym. There's someone in the gym right now, I can tell, because the teevee, which is attached to the other side of the wall that backs up to my cube, is turned up to freaking ELEVEN and is blasting some daggone sopa opera into the back of my head. I've a mind to pound on the wall and scream "TURN IT DOWN!" just to scare the living piss out of whoever takes an hour of their time at work to watch their "show" while I'm trying

I mean, I could be working if I wanted to, but their shows are distracting me and I can't think properly, so I have to post instead.My indignation is well-placed, yes? I'm on firm footing, no? Right.

That's that ticket, right there.


Over n' out for now y'all. It's meeting time again.

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