Friday, February 29, 2008

Cats throwing up amuse me

Heh - Albert just puked, and it was funny.

Stupid cat doesn't know enough to not eat houseplants (which, tho not officially poisonous, cannot be all that great for him). Two seconds after the crunching of the plant stopped, the hunching of the back began. He developed a glassy-eyed 100-yard stare, the tongue stuck out a little and was perfectly cherry-gumdrop red against his smart white fur, then the slickety-click of his epiglottis could be heard from across the house as whatever it was that was bothering him came lurching back up his gullet.

Yes, I watched the whole daggone thing. Twice.

Laughed both times, until it dawned on me that he is not the one that will clean it up.


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