Monday, February 18, 2008

All's well, y'all

I have the day off today, and so was going to stay away from the intertubez, but because someone is worried about me I decided to update a little.

I'm fine, kenju, really.

Had the 1-week visit with the vein surgeon today, and was told that I'm making good progress. Hooray! I was feeling good enough to take a hike in my backyard, see??

(not to scale)

All the tape strips are gone - I'd had enough of them by yesterday evening, and so after the second bourbon I plucked up the courage to pluck them OFF mah laig, thus freeing me from the infernal itch and burn of those steri-strip. Sweet relief! Other than a residual amount of pain from the bruising, and the feeling that if I stretch the leg out too far the thigh bit of laser-blasted vein is going to rend itself in two, I'm feeling much better, thanks. Seriously, that's an improvement!

So, let's keep it short and sweet today. It's too daggone NICE out today to be setting inside messing about with the worlewidewebz, so I'm outta here. See you tomorrow!

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