Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Transliterate THIS Futha Mucka

Blogger says it has a Hindi transliteration tool, and I'm intrigued....

Hindi transliteration? Anybody use it? If so, how does it work for YOU?

I feel like there's a huge audience out there just drooling over themselves with the desire to read the posts here at NAY, but because I'm not literate enough to transliterate, I'm missing out on what COULD be the next big thing.

Also, anybody know how to translate into Cyrillic? Kanji? Click language? Austrialian?

My plan to dominate the worldwide interwebs is back ON, and I need your help. Thanks.


I'm feeling ornery today. A night's worth of nightmares will do that to a girl. I woke up this morning feeling very cranky indeed that I had been gifted with visions of yard-long albino millipedes pouring from cave openings into my stalled vehicle, cranky parents who are determined to drive over the side of a cliff with me and the Things in the car, random appearances of old boyfriends with new girlfriends, a mysterious brass band playing Christmas carols while shadow puppets played out against a cardboard wall, and a thwarted attempt at participating in a parade with Oldfriend whilst wearing some odd black medieval costume.

Then there was the pocketful of Legos that I had to hang onto. And the run-in with an irritable STBX. And the disappointed children, the car mechanic who accidentally ATE one of the millipedes and subsequently let forth a torrent of purplish arthropod goo from his foaming mouth.

All of it in full color, with sound and feel and anxiety and frustration aplenty.

I blame the cats. Certainly it can't be the extra cocktail I had after dinner. Couldn't be the three full episodes of "Robot Chicken" I watched right before bed.



It takes me exactly 37 minutes to get to work on a good day. This morning, that was 5 minutes too long.

Don't you hate it when you remember you have a 9 a.m. meeting and it's 8:26 and you're just NOW pulling out of the driveway? Don't you? I know I do. The entire commute was spent perma-mantra-ing "hurry hurry hurry" whilst DARING the traffic lights to turn red and keeping the corner of one eye on the ol' speed-o-meter. I was careful to not break the law any more than any of my fellow commuters were's safest that way, don't you find?

Tinkerbell and I skidded into a parking spot at 9:02. So damned close to being on time.

Thank fully, the meeting was a one-on-one with someone who is understanding and flexible and said "eh, call me when you get settled in and I'll come see you." I LOVE meetings like that.

Still, it would have been totally sweet to have made it right on time. I would have loved to have had that victory under my belt to start the day. My life is small, isn't it?


Leftover buffalo wings taste GREAT in burritos. Just take out the bones first.


Lastly , don't forget to check out the Wordsmiths, mmkay?


That's it for right now. I'm on a telecon listening to someone with a terribly posh Brit accent go on and on about something that I should be paying attention to, mostly because they're getting to my bit and I might have to talk in a mo.

(this post brought to you without benefit of editing....I'm living DANGEROUSLY, y'all!)

See you tomorrow, and if you don't mind, tell someone to turn up the HEAT around these parts. It's freaking COLD here, and I don't care for that one tiny bit.

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