Friday, January 18, 2008


The excessive drinking program worked! I got almost very nearly a full night's sleep last night, only waking at my favorite MotN (Middle of the Night) time of 3 a.m. for a brief moment, at which time I could already feel the hangover coming on and so went promptly back to sleep.

It should not surpise anyone that I do not care for hangovers. Who does, really? My recently-drastically cut alcohol intake has lowered my tolerance, apparently, and now even the least little bit too much brings on a noticeable reminder of the fun I had the night before. I now have to be CAREFUL of how much I imbibe, and at what time, and be careful to drink tons of water, or risk feeling (and possibly smelling) like the everted ass end of a geriatric rhino in the morning.

This "being mature" shit sucks, and I can clearly see that I'm going to have to try some other mode of getting the sleepy-train to run for 8 hours. Tiffy no can drinky the likker like she used to. Are arch supports and Metamucil far behind?


Spinach and feta cheese were born to be together.

And at the risk of making NCP's head explode, the spinach and feta cheese side dish goes extremely well with knishes.

What other things would knish well?
Colcanon, I think. And mild italian sausage mixed with the mashies. Beef and corn, for a little shepard's pie in a pocket! Tukey burger and wild mushrooms! OMG, I'm knishy! Knish me quick, as ToD said the other day. The knish is teh shit, y'all. The knish is da total bomb; it's yummy, easy to make, and highly portable.

Next up on foods I want to make? The German delicacy called
kartoffelklosse. Because really, who would say no to a mashed potato and FRIED BREAD dumpling? My German grandma used to make these, only we called them "potato bombs." She's bring 'em out all steamy and pale, and we'd cut 'em open, pour some sauerbraten juice on them, and go to freaking TOWN with the eatin' thereof.

Oh! Rolladen. Oh! Spaetzle! Yum! Pfefferneuse, liebkuchen; my brain is speaking german right now and I'm getting all dirndle-y (or, if you prefer, lederhosen-y) in the head. It may well be time to spend some time in the kitchen exploring the gastonomic delicacies of half my heritage.

Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit!
Eins! Zwei! Drei! Zoo-fah!

No headlines today. People are still being asses to each other, there are still battles being fought, some people are still campaigning for some goverment office or another, and nothing seems to change.

Except the stock market is up.

ONE DAY after I cash out a 401K.



Have yerselfes a terrifical weekend, y'all. I'm going to be travelling to The Valley for a little family time and gift exchange for the under-40 set. I fully expect to be completely exhausted by Sunday afternoon after having been the object of attention for my very energetic niece...let's hope I can keep up.

XO to all!


(PS - next week
Tracy Lynn is having a birthday. Whyn't y'all go on over to her place and comment profusely about it, mmkay?)

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