Friday, January 04, 2008


It’s Friday, babies, and it’s time to get all the porn off the front page. Or, well, moved DOWN the front page. I’m grateful to all who commented on what was an odd post to post. Made me feel better that there are like-minded folks out there in this world who aren’t total prudes nor free-for-alling anything-go’ers who believe that pictures of shaved puppies in bondage are titillating.

You KNOW what I mean.

Anywho, here we go with the headlines, because that’s what we do here at NAY on some Fridays, especially when the blogger is in a silly mood and hopped up on café vanilla something or other…could get messy, but I’ll try to keep the throught thread somewhat unsnarled for you.


Love doesn't necessarily mean marriage: survey

If THAT were true I’d be married to a guy who was (get this) an ORGAN major in college. Go ahead, snicker if you must, I’ll wait.

File this under the “not news” category, and let’s move on.


British team joins Pakistan Bhutto probe

Oh, to drop two letters from “Bhutto”…the joke would tell itself.


4 detained after Turkey bombing

Ed, Rerun, Marshall, and Joe-Bob were hauled off to the hoosegow Sunday nite after Emma Beedles spotted them chucking frozen turkeys off the highway overpass near Fenster’s Hollow. “They’re good boys, usually,” said Amos Runting, the local sherriff, “but out here things can get mightly slow-going come January and you’ve got to expect kids to fire up a little trouble." No-one was hurt by the icy poultry launches.


Man walks free 17 years after conviction

In BIGGER news though,

Texas man freed after 26 years in prison


Romney seeks rebound in New Hampshire

Looks in the personals under “alt” and “out there” for possible partners.


Talbots to close 78 kids, mens stores

Didn’t realize you could CLOSE kids. Huh.

Congestion causes text message slowdown

Take your Sudafed before texting, folks, and everything will run free and clear! Mm-MM!

Say, don’t you think that’s about ENOUGH for now? I know I do. I left poor Britney alone, but if I try to write any more I’m afraid that I’ll have to gawk at the train wreck that is her life, and I’m almost late for a meeting, and if I go late to the meeting and tell my boss that I was reading about Britney Spears and her kiddie trouble and how her life is a mess and don’t you feel bad for her because obviously she’s a tortured soul, I’m pretty sure he’ll wonder why he hired me in the first place and I need this job too much for any doubt to be cast on my overall mental status, therefore, I’m not going to touch that issue with a 10-foot pole. Let’s not all jump and shout at THAT all at once.

Hope your weekends are enjoyable ones. See y’all next week!

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